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“One Piece” Wedding Dresses – Franchise Collabs with Fashion Brand for Custom Bridal Gowns

“One Piece” Wedding Dresses – Franchise Collabs with Fashion Brand for Custom Bridal Gowns

For brides who are fans of One Piece, Japanese wedding dress company PLACOLE is continuing their line of One Piece wedding dresses based on the popular manga series.

The collection was announced back in July 2020 and each bridal gown is inspired by one of the leading ladies in One Piece. The dresses went on sale starting January of this year, with a new dress released every month for 12 total.

The Second Round

PLACOLE’s current round of gowns is based on the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, rabbit mink Carrot, Captain Tashigi, and Jewelry Bonney of the Bonney Pirates. Each dress takes inspiration from the characters they’re based on like how the Bonney dress takes cues from the character’s flowing pink hair and the overlapping layers of Boa’s gown are meant to invoke the imagery of a snake. Each order is custom made to fit the bride in question and customers are limited to one dress per character so people can’t buy multiples of one gown.

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Each dress comes with a hefty price tag and is as follows:

Straw Hat Brides

Earlier in the year, PLACOLE released their first group of bridal dresses that are based on the female members of the Straw Hat Pirates. The collection started off with Nami, whose dress is a nod to the character’s love of oranges and bright personality. After that is her shipmate, Nico Robin, with a navy blue and white accented gown to reflect her “cool” personality. The last two dresses are based on Nefertari Vivi, with a sky blue ensemble matching the character’s hair and regal gold accents, and Ghost Princess Perona with a gothic-lolita style outfit.

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These first four dresses are some of the most expensive and here are the prices:

Seasonal Dresses

In between the two rounds, PLACOLE also released two dresses for May and June. Those being a bridal dress based on the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi that has a wide berth similar to a fish’s tail and one inspired by Kozuki Hiyori which looks like a mixture of Japanese and Western fashion. The dresses are ¥360,800 (about $3,390) and ¥371,800 (about $3,400) respectively.

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See Also

The final two dresses are going to be based on Sanji’s former fiancée Charlotte Pudding and Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom. Currently, it is unknown when the two final dresses will be available for purchase.

Franchise Collections

One Piece isn’t the only Japanese franchise to get the wedding treatment. There are also Sailor Moon-themed gowns combined with a lunar cake and a five-course meal based on the Inner Scouts. Japanese couples can also enjoy a Pikachu-themed wedding in a collection by Japanese bridal company, Escrit.

And then there’s my personal favorite, a wedding package based on Final Fantasy XIV which replicates the game’s Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, complete with a white Chocobo statue and Moogle treats.

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