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‘One Piece’ Finally Surpasses ‘Lord of the Rings

‘One Piece’ Finally Surpasses ‘Lord of the Rings

Luffy & crew has been sailing the Grand Line for years now, and it seems this time they stole all the glory for themselves. After all, the franchise beat The Lord of the Rings in sales and they’ve got the receipts to prove it.

According to recent reports, One Piece hit a new milestone. The series surpassed J.R.R. Tolkein’s iconic fantasy franchise in total gross, and anime fans are relishing in the victory.

The Lord of the Rings franchise right now, is said to have earned an estimated $19.9 billion since its creation in 1937. One Piece has gone above that total as the series has earned just over $20 billion total since it was made in 1997.

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If you are curious as to how this takeover took place, fans can thank the One Piece manga & GODA (Echirio ODA). The weekly series has earned a whopping $8.87 billion to date with its merchandise sales and video games coming in close behind. As for The Lord of the Rings, it has hefty grosses pulling in with book sales at $9.13 billion, but the figures went down after the franchise’s films are accounted for.

With One Piece in the lead, the series has a new target which it could very well surpass. The number one spot goes to Pokemon as the anime-gaming franchise has grossed about $90 billion since its 1996 debut. Still we have a lot of sailing left for the crew as they are rocking at Wano at the moment.

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