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You Can Now Remote Control a Crane Game from Japan! (And WIN Prizes!)

You Can Now Remote Control a Crane Game from Japan! (And WIN Prizes!)

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Crane game is one of the classics when it comes to arcade games. This game is both enjoyed by both old schools and millenials alike nowadays. With the rise of smartphone technology, our good old skill tester game won’t let itself fall behind! And if you are one of the avid fans of Japanese plushies and claw machines, that’s more than enough reason to give Toreba a try.

Lucky Star

Toreba is a downloadable app that lets you play a real Japanese crane game (take note, on Japan itself) in real time from the comfort of your home. You heard it right, folks! And you don’t have to fly to Japan to feel the unique experience of playing one.


If ever you managed to win one, they will ship your prizes to your home for free! And the prizes are no pushover because they’ll let you have these awesome prizes that are currently available in Japanese claw machines if you have everything it takes. Below are some prizes available today and you can also checkout their website for the complete list.

Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection Super Premium Figure “Suzuya” Christmas Version


Osomatsu-san – Spoon

Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale – Premium Limited Figure: Asuna

Doraemon Fluffy Squishy Present BIG Plushy


Fate / Apocrypha mega jumbo lying-bed stuffed animal “Saber of Red”

How to Play?

If you are eager to play it to win these cool prizes, you can download this app via Toreba’s website or in iTunes .And great news! The first time you install this game, you are awarded with 5 Free Tries which is only available on one account per user.

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japan claw game app


The game lets you control remotely a claw machine from Japan with the aid of two webcam views that you can switch between whenever necessary. And from there, you just have to align your crane to the item you want to take. And with a perfect skill, a bit of luck, and a stable connection (this is very important or it will ruin your chances), you will be able to get your beloved prize after a few weeks!

After using up all 5 Free Tries, you will be charged for every try you make. And like what I mentioned earlier, the prizes won will be sent to you for free, but unfortunately, this offer is not available for South America and Africa.

So are you in with this game? Does an overseas crane game a hit or a meh for you? Do you have the skill, or even the money to burn, to win this game and take those booties home?! Don’t let your dreams stay as dreams and get those cute plushies and anime merchandise! Try and Try until you succeed!!

Download it here. 

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