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Nintendo Plans a Switch Model With New OLED Display

Nintendo Plans a Switch Model With New OLED Display

Nintendo has plans to unveil a brand-new model of its popular Switch console with a new Samsung OLED display later on in the year. The gaming company is trying to find a way to continue the Switch’s success amidst its two struggling rivals.

Nintendo has not made a formal announcement about the new model but details have already started to surface.


In a discussion with tech website, Tom’s Guide, analysts at the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), a tech industry consulting firm based in Austin, TX, revealed that Nintendo has ordered 6.99-inch displays with a resolution at 1280 x 720 in handheld mode. According to Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of DSCC, the new display “will consume less battery, offer higher contrast, and possibly faster response time when compared” to the current model’s display.

Bloomberg reports that fans should expect the new Switch to output at 4K resolution when docked.

Why the OLED?

Fans have speculated as to why Nintendo would choose an OLED display as the company isn’t really known for choosing cutting-edge displays (the 3DS was 240p) but Nintendo is in an opportune position. Samsung is in a tough spot dealing with Huawei and BOE making their own OLED displays and creating excess supply, forcing the Korean tech company to lower the price tag on their product.

Nintendo is in a good position to purchase these high-end panels at a cheap price and this purchase could very well be the help Samsung has been searching for.

Battery Life

With an OLED display, users should expect a 60Hz display on the new model although implementing this could eat away at the battery. Ross Young, co-founder and CEO of DSCC, said with the display, power consumption can vary with the content.

Young says, “If it’s video, OLEDs have a big advantage. But if it’s a bright video game with a lot of white, then OLEDs may consume more power.”

If Nintendo implements the OLED display well, it could save on battery life, improving it by 20%.

Potential Setbacks

Reading the current information out there, the OLED display doesn’t appear to have many downfalls.

In fact, the thinner display allows Nintendo to add a slightly bigger battery. There has been concern about images potentially being burned onto the screen.

Burning is when a static image can be permanently stuck on the display although firmware can be implemented to aid in this issue. All in all, the OLED seems to be a good choice.

Expected Launch

Considering the timing of this news, it appears that Nintendo is aiming for a release during the 2021 holiday season. In the discussion with Tom’s Guide, Young said that the new Switch model could launch in September or October at the earliest.

Analysts at Bloomberg say that this new version, releasing in the 2021 holiday season, could drive sales of the Switch even further and extend the life of the console for many more years to come.

So, what do you guys think of this news? It may or may not be the Switch pro that fans have asked for but I’m sure it’ll make people happy.

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