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New Trend Shows Japanese Viewers Watch Anime at 1.5x Speed

New Trend Shows Japanese Viewers Watch Anime at 1.5x Speed

There appears to be a new trend among Japanese fans of anime. According to an article by Gendai Magazine, a Japanese weekly magazine, more and more people are watching anime at 1.5 times speed with some blatantly watching summaries on YouTube rather than the show itself.

Reasons for this new trend are that the fans don’t have enough time to sit down and fully commit themselves to watch a series as well as the sheer number of shows out there.

Gotta Go Fast

The Gendai Magazine is entirely in Japanese, but there are translations out there in case you’re not fluent. The article explains that a lot of younger people are very busy nowadays and can’t commit the time to enjoy a series as it’s meant to be enjoyed. Fans are holding on to the notion of “I just want to see that series that my friends talk about so much, so I will record it and watch it at double speed”.

This trend isn’t limited to anime as it also pertains to manga with some readers just skimming through a few chapters and reading the rest of the synopsis on Wikipedia pages.

Wall of Content

Another sentiment gleaned from anime fans is that there is simply too much to watch. The article states, “the entry of Netflix… and other services has generated an excess of supply, and some series… become too popular at the same time.”

Some have proclaimed that we live in a golden age of television due to the amount of well-produced and high-quality TV shows people can enjoy and how easy it is to access it all.

Streaming sites like Netflix have recognized this and implemented features for the busybody to watch content at a faster speed. YouTube allows viewers to watch videos at twice the normal speed.

The author of that article mentions that they are unable to watch content at 1.5x speed, and neither can I. It’s hard to watch a show when it all sounds like gibberish.

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Social Media Reactions

Social media reactions to this trend run the gamut. Some fans have admitted to doing the same with a commenter pointing out, “Because of my studies, I can only watch full episodes with interruptions on weekends”. Another commenter says, “I do it when I feel like the story or dialogue isn’t that important” and refers to Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san in his example.

Other people were not so kind with a commenter saying, “You aren’t truly enjoying a medium unless you partake in it fully…” Others say they just skip through the intro song which is something I do as well. However, I only skip the intro song if I don’t like it.

As for my opinion, I wish people had the time to sit down and fully enjoy a series, but it’s understandable if they have a million more pressing things to do. Also, people reading a manga by looking through its Wikipedia summary is insanity to me. I cannot fathom why anyone would do that.

So, what do you think? I would love to read your responses.

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