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New Halloween-Themed Event Coming to CoD Warzone

New Halloween-Themed Event Coming to CoD Warzone

A trailer has dropped for Call of Duty: Warzone’s Halloween event, “The Haunting.”

The trailer shows off a revamped battle royale mode and five new spooky season-themed skins with some based on popular horror movies and other abominations. The surprises don’t stop there as players will also get three new limited-time multiplayer modes, all of which are Halloween-themed.

Ghosts and Zombies

Ghosts of Verdansk is the new battle royale mode and is a spiritual (pun intended) successor to last year’s Zombie Royale. As the name suggests, Ghosts of Verdansk has players squaring off against ghosts and spirits as they come careening towards you, slashing as they attack.

Players killed by ghosts become phantoms themselves and gain supernatural abilities like teleporting across the battlefield or firing spectral blasts. If ghostly players kill three other operators and sacrifice their souls, they can come back to life.

The mode also introduces a new Fear meter. As the meter fills up, the player will experience hallucinations that interrupt gameplay and decrease their sanity before succumbing to terror. Players can dissipate their fear by reviving a squadmate or eliminating a ghost.

Scream Comes to CoD

“The Haunting” gives players five new skins with two being based on movie characters. The player can dress up as Ghostface from the Scream series or Frank the Rabbit from the psychological thriller Donnie Darko. Both of these films are classics in their own right with Scream getting a new entry in the series this upcoming January.

The Scream Operator bundle also comes with the character’s iconic “Violent End” finishing move, new weapon charms, three Legendary Weapon blueprints, and an animated Emblem. The Donnie Darko bundle gets much of the same but with its theme tied around Frank the Rabbit so this package comes with Purple Electric Tracer Fire.

The Ultra-Rarity Outfits

In addition to movie skins, players will get three ultra-rarity outfits. Operator Portnova will get a “Necro Queen” zombie skin, Weaver turns into the “Disciple of Mayhem”, and Maxis gets the “Lumens” outfit. All three of these skins get weapon blueprints with Maxis’ guns shooting Electric Tracer Fire.

Naga will also have a new ultra-rarity outfit, but the developers won’t reveal what it is until it launches on Friday, October 22.

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Temporary Multiplayer Modes

Some new temporary multiplayer modes will be added to the event with Outbreak gaining a new map, Forsaken.

And in Hallows’ Eve Outbreak, players will need to survive for 10 minutes as a horde of zombies descends upon them. The goal is to escape the region, but in the way, is a giant hulking monster known as the Orda that can wipe out squads with a single swipe.

If players manage to kill the giant beast, they’ll get a truckload of XP and a Legendary Weapon Charm. And finally, Scare Packages containing valuable Halloween-themed loot will spawn every five minutes, from a Jack O’lantern item to Wonder Weapons and Chalices.

“The Haunting” event kicks things off starting October 19 and will run through November 2 with no additional downloads needed. So get to playing soon, because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

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