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New Corona-Chan Meme Hits the Internet

New Corona-Chan Meme Hits the Internet

Another disease outbreak means more memes from 4chan.

Disclaimer: While we are deeply concerned with the well being of others and hope for the best outcome, we also want to inform our readers objectively about new memes and interesting topics, regardless of how controversial they may be.

Corona-Chan’s First Appearance

corona virus chan anime meme
The first draft of Corona-Chan

According to KnowYourMeme, the first appearance of “Corona-Chan” was on January 21st, on /pol/.

Alternative Versions

Since then, there have been numerous renditions of her, as seen below:

Source: Twitter @GoodCrem


Source: Uknown

A version of Corona-Chan seated next to Ebola-Chan. Background art source unknown.

Bonus Meme – Hazmat Suit

In addition to Corona-Chan, another meme seems to have sprung up as a response to the Corona Virus.

The Hazmat suit meme usually accompanies any post on /pol/ that is related to news or updates of the Corona Virus.

See Also

It can be used to indicate one’s preparedness for the outbreak or also often by users claiming that the actual infected numbers are much higher than what the media is reporting.

Death Stranding Zoomer and Boomer
It’s all so tiresome

Who knows how long this meme will continue for or how many endless variations of it we will see.

Meme Template

If you want to make your own Hazmat image, you can use this PNG here:

A PNG Version of the Hazmat Suit meme posted on 1/24/2020 to /pol/

Stay Safe!

Stay safe out there everyone.

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