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Netflix Deletes Death Note and other Anime

Netflix Deletes Death Note and other Anime

Netflix makes another bad decision regarding Anime…

The media mogul Netflix just announced recently on Twitter, The Popular shows like death note and Vampire Knight will get scrapped from the catalog by the end of October.

It’s kinda surprising because Death Note is the biggest draw for newcomers into the anime world. Who doesn’t want to know what a smart kid would do If he gets to become a god for 37 episodes?

Apparently, Netflix thinks you don’t. Actually, Netflix probably doesn’t want viewers to see the original Death Note. Thanks to their agenda to push more Netflix “exclusives,” it’s more likely the case that Netflix needs their own Death Note movie series to have less competition, even with the source material!

If you are one of those people who hasn’t finished watching the show. You have a very limited time to finish 36 episodes of death note and 26 episodes of Vampire Knight before they go deep into the oblivion waiting for a chance of renewal.

These are very solid shows, I haven’t seen vampire Knight yet. But I can clearly say Death Note is the best intro-anime to the world of anime. It doesn’t make any sense to me why would they allow such a thing to happen except that they are trying to push their exclusive content harder, as people can watch Death Note anywhere else, AND it makes their original movie series look terrible!

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Perhaps because Death Note pushes a theme that rides on Light’s actions being ultimately and objectively immoral. Something which conflicts with Netflix’s SJW, ultra-liberal content curating trends. (Just an opinion.)

Another report managed to appear on the surface claiming that these are not the only anime Netflix is about to lose. The new report claims Naruto Shippuden might be the next one on the list of Going away.

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