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My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Review!

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Review!

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So My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission was released in American theaters this past weekend and it was pretty decent.

This is the third film based on the popular manga series by Kohei Horikoshi and produced by the same studio behind the immensely popular anime series, Studio Bones. It’s a completely original story with new characters and designs for some of the heroes.

SPOILER WARNING: the movie takes place sometime after “season 5”, so if you haven’t watched the latest season of My Hero Academia, stay away. The movie is contingent on you having seen “season 5” and it doesn’t explain anything.

World Heroes’ Mission Weak Plot

Right off the bat, the plot isn’t very engaging and it’s pretty formulaic. A cult known as Humarise is centered around the Quirk Singularity, which is the idea that one day, superpowers will become so strong that they will destroy humanity, and has planted bombs around the world filled with Trigger gas. This gas causes Quirks to go out of control, killing the person and destroying the area around.

Humarise wants non-Quirk people to live while killing the rest. The hook of the story is pretty interesting and the movie starts off great, but it quickly centers around Deku and his buddy adventure with the street thief, Rody Soul. The two are hunted down by the cops and Humarise, but the plot doesn’t go anywhere interesting.

The plot contrivances are so numerous that it starts to get distracting and seeing Deku goof around with some random guy instead of going straight to Endeavor for help made no sense to me.

Awesome Heroic Action

Honestly, the movie is best when you turn your brain off and enjoy the spectacle. Animation-wise, the style is identical to the anime but with a slightly bigger budget. It all looks like one long episode with better-looking fight scenes, although there is a chase scene in the beginning that looks a little wack.

The best parts of the movie are, without a doubt, the action scenes, especially the long climax at the end. The huge fight scene at the end of the movie is awesome and fans will absolutely enjoy seeing Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo go all out against their opponents; especially Bakugo.

I don’t ever recall seeing Bakugo going this balls to the wall intense and cutting this loose. I forget how powerful of a character he is and seeing him go all out against his souped-up enemies was insane. And Deku himself performs some intense feats as well and unlocked some new form of his power during his final fight.

Middling Power

Overall, it’s a pretty missable movie. It’s not bad, but you aren’t missing out on much if you decide to not watch My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. Action is great during the beginning and end of the movie, but that middle part can be such a slog.

I also think some of the characters are underutilized. The villains Beros and Flect Turn are awesome, but Deku’s pal Rody has too much of it and is uninteresting. I give My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission a 6/10.

Also, I want to show off this cool bonus manga that I got written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi. It’s given to the first million people to see the movie in theaters.

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It has a bunch of character art, some trivia, and a Q & A with the author. Pretty cool promotional item.

Are you in agreement with this movie’s rating? Let us know!

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