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miHoYo Takes Action Against Genshin Impact Leakers | Leakers Hunt Decree

miHoYo Takes Action Against Genshin Impact Leakers | Leakers Hunt Decree

Genshin Impact has been one of the most successful titles since its launch a year ago, maintaining great popularity and a growing player base while putting miHoYo, the Chinese company responsible for the game, on the list of the biggest video game developers in 2020.

However, as often happens with many relevant games and franchises, Genshin Impact hasn’t been exempt from being a target of hundreds of leaks, shared by users with access to its private beta (despite signing NDAs) and insider sources from miHoYo.

Genshin Impact – Inazuma

Courtesy of miHoYo

Prior to the release of Inazuma, much of its new areas and characters were already known due to leaks.
With this in mind and as a last resort, miHoYo has unexpectedly started a crusade to end the leakers after the reveal of a lawsuit against Chinese video platform Bilibili on September 6.

According to a report shared by DualShockers, since Chinese law prohibits miHoYo from asking Bilibili private information about their users outside of court, they decided to register the lawsuit against the platform instead of going straight towards the undisclosed leakers.

This event, now known by players as the “Leakers Hunt Decree”, references the decree created by the Raiden Shogun within the game and has prompted a massive exodus of some of the best-known data miners in the Genshin Impact community.

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Hunt Decree

miHoYo’s Leakers Hunt Decree is looking to end leaking activities once and for all. Some of the biggest names include abc64 and Sukuna, whose Twitter accounts are no longer available at the time of this writing, in addition to Dimbreath and UBatcha, who have announced a hiatus due to the current situation.

Likewise, communities such as Project Celestia, Genshin Intel, and the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s Discord server have decided to pause all content regarding leaks until further notice, while keeping their doors open, as they are some of the largest Genshin communities.

The final straw would come on September 10, when ‘Honey’, creator and lead developer of Honey Hunters (so far, Genshin Impact‘s largest online encyclopedia), revealed a Cease and Desist letter submitted by miHoYo’s legal department to the website hosts.

According to ‘Honey’, miHoYo is asking her web hosting provider to remove the main domain, which would obliterate all of her websites and web projects within 24 hours. They state that this could set a bad precedent for all who are doing game-related content, implying miHoYo can “cancel” anyone for using their assets.

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C&D letter send by miHoYo to Honey Hunters

“I hope my and my team experience will make other content creators for this game to think, what company they’re dealing with this since miHoYo think they can recall the results of years of your work, just because they own the trademark,” said ‘Honey’ before confirming the migration of Honey Hunters’ website to a new hosting outside the US.

C&D Letter Sent by miHoYo to Honey Hunters

Consequences of the “Leakers Hunt Decree” to Genshin Impact haven’t been measured yet despite how much of the anticipation from its community and profits generated by the game is due to previews revealed by data miners.

It goes without saying that there has been a lot of criticism for the way miHoYo is handling this, as they are trying to get rid of something very common in the video game industry, although, in recent years, various companies such as Epic Games have also supported these moves in games like Fortnite against users like HYPEX.

What do you think about miHoYo’s aggressive movement against leakers?

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