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Majoras Mask Location in Breath of the Wild

Majoras Mask Location in Breath of the Wild


Majora’s Mask is one of the easiest masks to find in the first Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild DLC pack. If you’re too lazy to hunt for it yourself, check out this guide!

1. Head to the Gatepost Town Ruins

In the corner of one of the buildings, you’ll stumble upon a shelf with a book on it. Read the book to get the insights into the rest of the hidden DLC items (except the Korok Mask.)

2. Head For the Kolomo Garrison Ruins

After getting the tip on the Ancient Mask, head to the ruins just north of where you currently are. (See map below.)

It isn’t too far from where you currently are, and there isn’t any shrines nearby so you’ll just have to head there on foot or horse.

3. Search for the Chest

I spend a good amount of time circling the ruins trying to find the chest. It was right in the front the whole time!

4. Enjoy Majoras Mask

It only has 1 defense point though, but it’s benefit is that “some” enemies will think you are a friend and won’t attack.

It can actually be quite useful if you are exploring at night and are sick of the skeleton monsters (who don’t have great drops and aren’t really worth fighting) keep popping up and attacking you.

What does it mean by some? I visited the nearest monster camp to test out my nifty new mask!


I stood next to these guys for a good long time and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of timer on the effect.

See Also

Seems to work very well on the basic enemy types. (Bats, and other animals not included!)

However, blue and higher level enemies will spot you right away! So by some, it must mean the lowest level enemies.

Note: This mask can NOT be enhanced by the fairy!


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