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Luminous Witches Posts Second Trailer

Luminous Witches Posts Second Trailer

The official website for the Renmei Kūgun Kōkū Mahō Ongakutai Luminous Witches (Allied Air Force Magical Idols Luminous Witches) television anime series has posted the short version of the anime’s second promotional video.


The trailer features the song “Sora ni Chikau Kara” (“Because We Made an Oath in the Sky”), which is the third single of the Luminous Witches idol unit. The video had premiered at World Witches Music Festival 2021 on October 10.


The anime was first announced in 2018. It was meant to release in 2021 but was delayed to 2022 in August. Apart from the delay, the last few months saw two of the anime’s cast members retiring from their roles. Miu Kotosaka, who originally voiced Sylvie Cariello, retired in September due to health reasons. Kyou Tachibana, who was the voice of Joanna Elizabeth Stafford, announced in October that she was retiring from the role to focus on her studies.

The anime’s main cast formed an idol unit in 2019, and their first CD single, “Flying Skyhigh,” shipped in May 2020. The third single shipped on March 24. The unit will hold its first standalone live concert in February.


The staff includes Humikane Shimada who drew the character designs for the new Witches. Shimada and Projekt World Witches are credited with the original work. Shouji Saeki (episode director and scriptwriter for Strike Witches and Strike Witches 2) is directing the anime and handling the series composition. Shinya Murakami is credited for the “Witches series literature.” Kadokawa is producing the music. SHAFT is animating the series.

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The story is a spinoff of the Strike Witches franchise, and centers on a unique squadron of “witches who don’t fight.” Instead, the squadron sings and performs music to protect the smiles of those who have been driven out of their hometowns by the Neuroi.

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The anime cast involves:

  • Sayaka Tsuzuki as Eleonore Giovanna Gassion (third from left in the image above)
  • Ami Aimoto as Lyudmila Andreyevna Rouslanova (fourth from left)
  • Mai Narumi as Virginia Robertson (fifth from left)
  • Minako Hosogawa as Inori Shibuya (fourth from right)
  • Ryō Mamiya as Aira Payvikki Linnamar (third from right)
  • Kana Furunaka as Maria Magadalene Dietrich (second from right)
  • Misaki Yūki as Manaia Matawhaura Hato (far right)
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Luminous Witches will air in 2022 and it is certainly an anime to watch out for.

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