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Live-Action Usogui Film Unveils More Cast

Live-Action Usogui Film Unveils More Cast

More announcements are being made as we get closer to the premiere date of the live-action Usogui film.


It was revealed on the official website for the live-action film of Toshio Sako‘s Usogui (The Lie Eater) manga that Hayato Sano is joining the film’s cast as Takaomi Kaji, a man swimming in debt and down on his luck, but who begins to get engrossed in gambling after joining up with Baku.


The live-action Usogui film was announced in 2016 and, earlier this year, Warner Bros. Japan revealed the first main cast members, director, and release date for the Usogui live-action film.

The film stars Ryūsei Yokohama as the protagonist Baku Madarame. Hideo Nakata (RingDark WaterL change the WorLd) is directing the film.

Hayato Sano as Takaomi Kaji


The plot is described as follows:

Madarame Baku, also known as “The Lie Eater,” is a gambler who takes on insane opponents. He seeks to take over the underground gambling organisation known as Kakerou with the help of his apprentice, Kaji Takaomi, and his bodyguard, Marco. Kakerou supervises a number of high-stakes bets in which participants frequently use their life as an ante or a bet.

Kakerou has 48 members and 101 Moderators who serve as supervisors and debt collectors once the gambles are done. Baku and his team get increasingly embroiled in the conflict between Kakerou and a rival criminal organisation, IDEAL, as the story develops.

Film Visual, sourced from Twitter


When the live-action film was announced, manga author Toshio Sako had this to say:

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I am full of joy and expectation with the live-action movie of my first serialized work “Usogui”. I talked with Ryūsei Yokohama, who stars in the film, and I was impressed by his serious and cheerful personality. The mysterious style unique to Director Nakata is the best because the world of Usogui is reflected in the live-action film. We are writing a special series of Usogui to coincide with the release of the movie, so please look forward to it.

Sako began the Usogui manga in 2006 and ended it in December 2017. The manga has 49 volumes. Sako is planning to launch a spinoff manga of the main series. The series inspired an original video animation (OVA) bundled with the manga’s 26th volume in 2012.

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