Live-Action Usogui Film Has Introduced a New Trailer

The official website for the live-action film of Toshio Sako’s Usogui (The Lie Eater) manga has begun streaming a new trailer for the film. The production of the film was announced back in 2016 as the manga’s 10th-anniversary project. The site has also previously announced that the Hideo Nakata (Ring series)-directed film is set to be released in Japan on February 11, 2022.

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Among the main cast for the live-action film are the following-

  • Baku Madarame: Ryusei Yokohama
  • Takaomi Kaji: Yuto Sano
  • Ranko Kurama: Mai Shiraishi
  • Kiro Mekama: Souta Hongo
  • Soichi Kiruma: Kaito Sakurai
  • Hikoichi Yakou: Hiroaki Murakami
  • Ikki Sadakuni: Shohei Miura
Sourced from Twitter


The new trailer highlights Kakerō, the shadowy antagonist organization that has had a hand in every major Japanese political event since feudal times.

A companion live-action four-episode web series titled Usogui -Kurama Ranko-hen/Kaji Takaomi-hen- (The Lie Eater -Ranko Kurama’s Story/Takaomi Kaji’s Story) will stream on the dTV streaming service on the same day.


Its story centers on a high IQ genius gambler, Baku Madarame, who is called Usogui (The Lie Eater), in a head-to-head psychological battle for life and death with top cheaters at Kakerou, a black-ops club that controls Japan’s political and business world. 25-year-old Ryūsei Yokohama (Hikari Nonomura / ToQ 4gou in the 2014 Super Sentai TV series Ressha Sentai ToQger) is cast as the protagonist, Baku Madarame.

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Sako began the Usogui manga in 2006 and ended it in December 2017. The manga has 49 volumes. Sako launched a spinoff manga titled Usogui -Rikkainin Yakō Hikoichi- (The Lie Eater: Referee Hikoichi Yakō) in Weekly Young Jump in October 2021 and ended it in November 2021. The main manga inspired an original video animation (OVA) bundled with the manga’s 26th volume in 2012.

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