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League of Legends’ upcoming rumored Void jungler Bel’Veth: leaked details

League of Legends’ upcoming rumored Void jungler Bel’Veth: leaked details

Recently, a League of Legends content creator who goes by the user handle of Ryscu uploaded a video that reportedly showcases the upcoming Void jungler who is expected to hit the MOBA in season 12.

New jungler

The jungler, according to the video, will probably be called Bel’Veth, The Lavender Sea Empress of the Void. She will be a skirmish-heavy champion, and the video even shows a small glimpse of what her abilities can look like.

In the leaked gameplay video, Bel’veth appears to have taken the shape of a corrupted manta ray, and seems to have been using her giant fins as a form of a cloak to conceal her true form and identity.

It was also noted that when using her ultimate ability, Bel’Veth seems to gain golden accents on her body, which is speculated to signify her status of Royalty in the void.

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It’s important to note here that while the community is addressing Ryscu’s clip as a leaked video, Riot Games is yet to provide any official statement on it. It’s quite possible that the video was made by a League of Legends community member, and the upcoming Void jungler might not look anything like what was shown in the clip.

The upcoming Void jungler was one of three champions that was teased by League of Legends developers in the recent Champion Roadmap. There is not much known about it for now, and even Riot Games has chosen to stay mum with regards to the possible leak.

So, it’s quite hard to rule out the fact that perhaps Bel’Veth will be the Void jungler that the developers have been planning to introduce for so long. In-game voice remarks like “every morsel of this world will fuel our metamorphosis”, which was showcased in the clip, grant a fair bit of legitimacy and gravitas to the fact that this is perhaps a genuine leak of the official champion.

With the game’s previous champion Renata having had her release almost two months ago, it’s likely that Riot Games will look to stick to their bi-monthly schedule for champion releases, and the Void jungler might be just around the corner.

Are the rumors about Bel’Veth valid?

League of Legends developers mentioned in the Roadmap blog that,

“Those who do so willingly will be rewarded by becoming part of the ever-expanding Lavender Sea, crashing like waves against the enemies’ defensive structures. Give in to your Empress and let her feed on your essence, so you may become a part of the new evolution of Runeterra.”

Additionally, after the video went viral, many community members discovered that the arrival of Bel’Veth has been hinted at by Riot Games all the way back to 2016. She can be seen in Battlecast Vel’Koz’s splash art and in Battlecast Viktor’s recall animation.

Moreover, she is also rumored to be joining the Arcade cosmetic universe in League of Legends as a Battle Boss villain.

The MOBA’s season 12 will be the year of the Void, and it will be quite interesting to see the type of champions that Riot Games will look to release in the coming months.

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