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Kokomi’s Voice Actor Gui Niang Restricts Live Stream After Genshin Impact Fans Harass Her

Kokomi’s Voice Actor Gui Niang Restricts Live Stream After Genshin Impact Fans Harass Her

The Genshin Impact community is often known to take things a bit too far when they want to show their disappointment with some of the updates that miHoYo chooses to bring to the game.

The controversy about anniversary rewards is still a trending topic whilst all this is happening.

Dissatisfaction With Kokomi

There are some bad apples in the fanbase who are a bit too toxic towards the developers, and some go so far as to harass the voice actors, the people whose sole job is to bring the characters in the game to life.

Sourced from Twitter

Recently, Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Chinese voice actress, Gui Niang, faced a lot of harassment from “chat” during a live stream. Kokomi has been dubbed as one of the worst 5-star releases in Genshin Impact so far, and the player base is not at all happy with her kit.

Sourced from Twitter

Misdirected Animosity – Blaming Kokomi’s VA Gui Niang

And to show their disappointment, some members of the community slid into her chat during a live stream just to hold her accountable for how Kokomi turned out in Genshin Impact.

Sourced from Twitter

This led Gui Niang to restrict her stream chat as things were getting quite out of hand.

Harassing VAs, a Constant Issue

The issue of harassing voice actors in Genshin Impact is not something new, and this incident with Gui Niang is quite reminiscent of the problem that arose with the English voice actors during the 2.1 live stream event.

During the celebrations, the English voice actors got a lot of hate spam from certain community members who automatically started assuming that if a person is voicing a character in the game, then they must know everything about the title, or must have been a part of the updates decision-making process.

This assumption is very wrong, and Zach Aguilar, the voice behind Genshin Impact’s Aether, even tweeted about the issue right after the 2.1 live stream event.

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