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Japanese High Schoolers Shake Their Hips To An Aladdin Song

Japanese High Schoolers Shake Their Hips To An Aladdin Song

You must have had over a hundred students in the class But you never had classmates like them. Disney’s Aladdin has become quite a massive hit in Japan. Can’t get enough of a magical genie giving wishes to a good looking guy pursuing a literal queen of his dream.

The original version of the song was excellent that is without the magic of Robin Williams. Once you add him to the mix the song has to be one of the best to ever come out of Disney since buying every part of the entertainment industry. And what makes this video so good is that these high schoolers didn’t have to dance along with the English version of the song. Disney made a Japanese version of “Friends like me”.

That song bought two highschools together to make one beautiful choreographed dancing experience for us to enjoy. With the dance club from Tomioka High School and the marching band from Kyoto Meitoku High School. They created something that will someday make them cringe in four years or help them become a part of the flashmob world tour.

You can listen to the human version of the music here.

If your heart is not filled with the real one. You can watch the more animated cartoon version of the song by clicking the link below.

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After watching these highschooler dancing and killing it to the Aladdin song. I for one would love to see them dancing to every Disney songs from upcoming remaster, remakes, remade from remakes. At least something good is coming out of these lucrative movies.

What’s your thought on this?

source: SN24

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