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Japan Wants You to DRINK Potato Chips

Japan Wants You to DRINK Potato Chips


With everything in the world flipping upside down, why not take a sip of the fresh crack-ly potato chips to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse.

“I’ll take a potato chip, and DRINK it” 


This addition to Super Weird News Straight Out Of Japan, the company named Zyplus has finally done something that would put watermelon without seed to shame.

What is It?

Meet the new Poterapper, for the people who find eating from the plastic bag annoying. If you follow the old school method, then you have to get your hands dirty and putting chips in a bowl to eat like a gentleman takes way too much time.

For the brave warriors out there on the street, who had to eat their chip by ripping the plastic bag, feeling the gush of air hitting the face, then grabbing whatever chips you could find at the bottom of the barrel, you can now thank Zyplus for coming up with the idea of drinking your potato chips!

No the chips aren’t liquid, but rather small pieces that can be dumped into your mouth. If you ever tried to dump a bag of chips into your open mouth, you know that sometimes larger pieces fly into your face or on the floor.

It’s not a chip flavor or brand, but rather an attachment that you can put on any chip bag- Genius!

The Company Behind This

If you look at the history of the company and its product, then you would find this product out of place, because Zyplus is known for making ankle, wrist, knee supporters.


Poterapper brings you all the thrill of drinking a juice out of a bottle but this time you will be ‘drinking’ all the potato chips that you ever wanted to eat in public without ruining your handshake.

How it Works

The Poterapper features 3 sections; think of it as a straw for your potato chips bag. You cut a hole on the bag, then you plug the last piece of Poterapper, then the middle part, so it can attach to the bottom piece, giving the potato bag much-needed portability.

Now you are ready to consume potato chips without losing your professionalism to the world.

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This new technology of shoving crap into your mouth without having greasy fingers should make a lot of people turn their crackle-ly mouth towards the product, especially weebs and gamers who should prefer to have clean fingers!


Now the Poterapper can to save you from the embarrassment of greasy fingers, and will put you right back on the chair of professionalism! Eat your chips with dignity, now with Poterapper. 

You can get Poterapper, by clicking here.

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Source: SN24

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