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Is Ganyu Worth Summoning? Here’s a Thought

Is Ganyu Worth Summoning? Here’s a Thought

Introducing the One and Only, Ganyu

She’s waifu material!

If you have a Pyro character to pair up with Ganyu, she’s fantastic to add to your team as a SUPPORT CHARACTER. Ganyu’s Cryo effect can quickly freeze foes, allowing you to follow up with a strong Pyro character to trigger a Melt effect and quickly tearing your enemy’s HP asunder. Ganyu’s Elemental Burst also provides a massive area-of-effect Cryo attack, letting you quickly set up the Pyro combination.

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If you don’t have a Pyro character to pair with Ganyu, she likely won’t be a boon for your team. Setting this combination up won’t be worth the benefit that Ganyu can potentially add to your party.

Pro tip: You can pair her up with Razor. 

Ganyu is a good support character, however, she’s not worth putting yourself into a tizzy over.

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Should I Pay For the Ganyu Banner in GENSHIN IMPACT?

Ganyu alone isn’t worth rolling on this banner. She’s a decent character but not quite revelatory.

In addition to Ganyu, the banner features four-star characters like Xiangling. Unfortunately, they’re all fairly passable characters and most free-to-play gamers will have already acquired them through other events. No four-star in this batch is game-changing.

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Even with constellations, Noelle is only a decent healer at best and Xiangling only provides so-so support. Pulling on this one will make you feel like extraneous characters are clogging up your path to greatness.

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In summary, Ganyu and Xingqiu are the only worthwhile characters available on this banner but they’re not sufficient to go all out for the entire banner.

Unless you’re in dire need of a supporting character or you’ve become hopelessly infatuated with Ganyu, skip this banner.

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