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If you identify as male and are reincarnated in “Genshin Impact”, which character would you be? Let’s find out!

If you identify as male and are reincarnated in “Genshin Impact”, which character would you be? Let’s find out!

Wondering who you would be if you got reincarnated to the world of Genshin Impact?

Take this quiz to find out who you’re gonna be!

How do you like your coffee?

Let's go on a vacation! Where do you want to go?

Pick a pet

Pick your aesthetic

Someone is spreading nasty rumors. What do you do?

Pick the lyrics that speak to you

(Male Results) If you were to get reincarnated in the world of Genshin Impact which 5 star character are you?
You are reborn as Albedo!

Your inquisitive mind knows no bounds. People may find you a little eccentric but it is out of admiration for your intelligence and unique way of thinking. Stay true to who you are and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of knowledge.
You are reborn as Diluc!

You follow your heart and do things your own way. People might see you as a rebel but your heart is in the right place. Your sense of justice is strong and you want to protect those around you even if you do not get credit for your good deeds. Do not feel like you have to conform to the majority to do what is right.
You are reborn as Childe!

You always try to put on a smile. Even if things get tough and you have to do things you’re not always up for, you always find a way to enjoy your tasks. People might think your just a happy-go-lucky person but in reality you just have a good attitude towards challenges. Don’t forget to let someone in from time to time. You don’t always have to put on a brave face.
You are reborn as Venti!

You’re not the type of person who tends to dwell on the past. Even though your life was not always rainbows and butterflies, you have committed to truly living in the present. You cherish your freedom celebrate it everyday. People may find you too carefree but you have no obligation to live the life they want you to live. However, don’t forget to enjoy luxuries responsibly.
You are reborn as Xiao!

You tend to struggle with social situations. It’s easier to be alone because then no one can hurt you and you cannot disappoint anybody. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Know that there are people who appreciate and love you just as you are. You might be used to being independent and can stand on your own just fine but loneliness is a problem you cannot solve alone. Don’t be afraid to love again and enjoy company.
You are reborn as Zhongli!

You are very dependable and knowledgable about almost everything. You love to share trivia and insights to anyone who will listen. At first people think you are stoic but actually you love a nice chat. Your elegant mannerisms command respect and you might have amassed a sea of admirers who are intimidated to express their attraction towards you. You are prone to misinterpreting jokes, subtle hints and intentions. But perhaps that also makes you charming in your own way.

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