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Hyper-Realistic “Ghost in the Shell” Figurine Now Available to Order

Hyper-Realistic “Ghost in the Shell” Figurine Now Available to Order

Since its original release, in 1989, as a serialized manga by Mamoru Oshii and subsequent debut on the big screen in 1995, Ghost in the Shell has been hailed as one of the most influential anime of all time.

In 2017, it was re-made into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Scarlett Johansson.

Ghost In The Shell/攻殻機動隊 藍摺絵 Original Poster, Image Sourced from Japan

For Cyberpunk fans who just cannot get enough of this anime franchise, which was originally set in post-apocalyptic 2029, it is now possible to order your very own 1/4 scale model inspired from the main visual of the movie version from Bandai Namco Arts.  The cyborg-human hybrid federal agent, Major Motoko Kusanagi, has been brilliantly reimagined in three dimensions.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of Ghost in the Shell in Japan, this amazing polystone-polyurethane-PVC figure is certain to attract a lot of fans. Including the base, the figure stands 275mm tall.  It would look right at home in Niihama or New Port City, the fictional location where the story takes place. 

The Ghost in the Shell‘s fully prosthetic body can be viewed from all sides, Image Sourced from Good Smile Company

Under the supervision of Hiroyuki Okiura (沖浦啓之), who was the character design and animation director, and Kumiko Yusa (遊佐久美子), who was in charge of the color design, the character’s symbolic visuals have been precisely reproduced with extreme attention to detail.

Hiroyuki Okiura, the character design and animation director, Image Sourced from Excite

Each figure will be sold with a special registration certificate containing the poster design at the time of publication.  It is destined to become a valuable collector’s item almost immediately.

Not much is left to the imagination with this Ghost in the Shell figure, Image Sourced from Good Smile Company

Does Not Come Cheap!

The hyper-realistic model does not come cheap!  The list price in Japan is 107,800 JPY including 10% sales tax (approximately US $1,000).  Each figure must be ordered in advance.  Deliveries of the final product will not begin until March 25, 2022.

Motoko Kusanagi may be susceptible to malicious viruses and attacks by hackers, Image Sourced from Good Smile Company

Since early April, the A-on STORE, the official online shopping site of Bandai Namco Arts, AmiAmi, and Amazon, and the online shopping site of Good Smile Company, started to accept advance orders.  The period for placing such reservations will only be open through June 9.

Eager Anticipation from Fans

Despite the relatively high price, it seems as though there will be more than enough demand for the new figure.

Mominemu tweeted, “I want it!!!  I want this!!!  But the price is whoa!”

Kimaira recently went ahead with an order to be paid in installments.  “Ah ah ah ah ah ah I was on Amazon so I made a reservation by splitting it into installment payments….. kelp sucking life…” 

We hope that Kimaira will be able to escape the kelp forest!

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International Demand

Valued at more than 140 billion Japanese yen (approximately US $1.3 billion), the overall market for figures like this one is huge.  In terms of market size, demand from the U.S. ranked #1. China ranked #2 and is likely to eclipse Japan- currently at #3- in the long run.

It would be interesting to see whether Scarlett Johansson is already on the reservation list! 

Famous filmmakers and directors who have been influenced by the original manga, anime, and movie versions of the Ghost in the Shell- such as the Wachowski brothers who created The Matrix- are certain to place their orders soon.  James Cameron, the creator of Avatar, is also, most certainly, on the list.

At the very least, this hyper-realistic model will make you question what it means to be human.

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