How to Unlock Chasm Map in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is introducing a new region called The Chasm in their latest 2.6 update. Many years ago, The Chasm was used as a battlefield between Rex Lapis and Azhdaha. Currently, The Chasm is an abandoned mine, and Liyue Qixing have sealed the passage to the underground mines for reasons unknown to the traveler.

The Chasm is divided into two parts, known as the Surface and Underground regions. Though players can explore the Surface right from the start, they have to unlock the underground region.

Here is everything players need to know to unlock the underground in The Chasm.

Everything about The Chasm, Genshin Impact New Zone - Millenium

Genshin Impact 2.6: Unlocking the underground mines of The Chasm through World Quest

While the Surface region is filled with reddish flora and strange Geo constructs, the underground mines have a very dark and eerie environment with unique vegetation.

Like Enkanomiya, players will have to access the underground region from the Surface before using the teleport waypoints to travel independently.

Players will have to complete a world quest called Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering to access the underground mines. The Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering World Quest is the second part of The Chasm Delver’s quest series.

World Quest Part 1

The first part of the quest series requires Genshin Impact players to search for Muning, the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ specialist located somewhere in the Surface region of The Chasm. Muning will trigger the second part of the World Quest and helps unlock the Underground Mines.

World Quest Part 2

During the second part of the World Quest, players will find out from Muning that it was the Liyue Qixing who have sealed the underground mines with a magic array. To dispel the magic array, players will have to obtain a gadget called Lumenstone Adjuvant to destroy three Bedrock Keys.

Here are the three locations of the Bedrock Keys that can be found in the Surface region of The Chasm:

  • Bedrock Key 1 – Cinnabar Cliff
  • Bedrock Key 2 – Glaze Peak
  • Bedrock Key 3 – Fuao Vale
Finally, after obtaining Lumenstone Adjuvant, players just have to use Cage-Shaped Geo cages near the Bedrock Keys, which will destroy them. There will be cases where Genshin Impact players will have to use Elemental Resonance from large mysterious rocks. These rocks are the remains of Rex Lapis and Azhdaha’s ancient battle and now possess special properties.
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