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How to Plant Seeds and Flower Plants in Genshin Impact Dreams of Bloom event

How to Plant Seeds and Flower Plants in Genshin Impact Dreams of Bloom event

The new Dreams of Bloom event in Genshin Impact primarily focuses on the player’s ability to plant some seeds and arrange some flower plants.

Retrieving, planting, and harvesting Dreamblooms for the Dreams of Bloom event

Planting seeds in the Dreams of Bloom event is easy; the hard part is that the player has to wait 10 real-life minutes for them to grow and become harvestable. The two prominent locations to care about are Sakuya’s location in Inazuma City and the player’s own Serenitea Pot.

The former is where one can get seeds, whereas the latter is where they can plant and harvest them. Alternatively, some Genshin Impact fans can receive flowers given to them through the Wishlist feature.

Genshin Impact players can get several seeds by talking to Sakuya in Inazuma City; the caveat is that it’s done through a daily exchange. The player gives her some materials to earn the seeds and some Mora.
However, they still can’t arrange the Dreamblooms. The reason is that the player only got the seeds, and they must plant them first. To do so, enter the Serenitea Pot and make use of the gardening feature.
All types of event seeds must be planted in a Luxuriant Glebe within the Serenitea Pot. It takes 10 real-life minutes for these seeds to grow, so the player must wait until then.

Types of event seeds are:

  • Dreambloom: Star Hibiscus Seed
  • Dreambloom: Pearbell Seed
  • Dreambloom: Silkpod Seed

Each type of seed can grow into one of three random colors in the Dreams of Bloom event.

Dreambloom: Star Hibiscus Seeds can become:

  • Spring Dew Star Hibiscus
  • Autumn Star Hibiscus
  • Violet Silk Star Hibiscus

Dreambloom: Pearbell Seeds can become:

  • Fluorescent Pearbell
  • Sandbank Lotus Pearbell
  • Greenhat Pearbell

Dreambloom: Silkpod Seeds can become:

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  • Dawnrough Silkpod
  • Twilight Silkpod
  • Noontide Silkpod

Arranging Dreamblooms

To arrange the Dreamblooms in this event, Genshin Impact players must interact with the flower stand and select the “Arrange Dreamblooms” option. Select either the top, middle, or bottom options to add a flower to a specific pot.

Afterward, click on the flower to place it there. If the player doesn’t like how it looks, they can click on the “-” icon to remove it. Once the Traveler is satisfied with the selection, they can save it.

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