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How to Increase Reputation Level in “Genshin Impact” & More!

How to Increase Reputation Level in “Genshin Impact” & More!

Genshin Impact has frequent quests which players can grind regularly. These include bounties, classified according to the nations of Teyvat.

But first, gamers should reach reputation level 2 in Genshin Impact to qualify for these bounties. Once they get a handle on these quests, they can do them weekly to further increase their reputation level and eventually obtain additional rewards.

With that being said, this article lists how to do bounties and increase a player’s reputation level in Genshin Impact.

GIFs of Zhongli's skills from the game's official Weibo and JP Twitter : Genshin_Impact

Bounties in Genshin Impact

Players who accept a bounty from a certain nation in Teyvat will get a search location where the target creature is placed. Once they reach the area, they have 10 minutes to find the target.

Bounties can be one of three difficulty levels in Genshin Impact, classified into 3, 4, and 5-star bounties. Some of the creatures that can be targeted include the Abyss Mages, Mitachurls, Eye of the Storm, Stonehide Lawachurl, Ruin Guard, and Ruin Hunter.

Players who fail to defeat the target creatures in the given time are unsuccessful with their bounty.

Increasing the reputation level in Genshin Impact

After successfully finishing the bounties, players receive a sufficient amount of reputation EXP depending on the difficulty levels. 3-stars will grant 60 EXP, 4-stars 80 EXP, and 5-stars may offer 100 EXP.

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Mora will also be given to successful players in amounts of 20,000, 25,000, or 30,000, depending on the star tier present. Players may do up to three bounties per week, reaching a maximum reputation EXP up to 300.

Hence, it is best to do the 5-star bounties to maximize the possible EXP. Players can also do such bounties in co-op mode to have a higher success rate in Genshin Impact.

What works for you in Genshin Impact?

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