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How to Get the 4-Star “Genshin” Character, Diona, for Free!

How to Get the 4-Star “Genshin” Character, Diona, for Free!

For a limited time, Genshin Impact is giving away the beloved Neko chan i.e. 4-star character, Diona, for free. To get Diona, players need to complete the Energy Amplifier Initiation event and collect enough “Fractured Fruit Data”.

Diona is a Cryo-type and considered one of the best 4-star support units in Genshin Impact.

She can heal the party with her Elemental Burst and shield her allies with Elemental Skill. With enough constellations, she can provide additional Elemental Mastery to the whole team too. All these abilities, when combined, provide exceptional support to the main DPS unit in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact released the Energy Amplifier Initiation event, which will continue until May 17, 2021. During this event, players can complete multiple quests and domain challenges to earn “Fractured Fruit Data” and exchange them for many time-limited rewards, including Diona. Players need 1,000 Fractured Fruit Data or event currency to get Diona.

Getting the Fractured Fruit is not that difficult.

Method 1: Energy Amplification Initiation Quests
The Energy Amplification Initiation event quests provide a decent amount of Fractured Fruit Data but they are not repeatable. This means a limited number of required event currencies can be obtained from quests.

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Method 2: Twisted Realm domains
Twisted Realm domains are the best source to collect enough Fractured Fruit Data or event currency. Upon completing Act: 1 of the quests, the Twisted Realm will be unlocked.

The event shop is supposed to last until May 24, giving players enough time to redeem Diona, Crown of insight, Talent level-up materials, and Primogems. However, the event quests and domains will expire on May 17, a week before the shop’s expiry. Considering this, players should farm enough event currency and get Diona while the event lasts.

Let us know how your Genshin journey goes!

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