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How to fix Guitar Hero Strum Bar (+GHTV / Live fix)

How to fix Guitar Hero Strum Bar (+GHTV / Live fix)

If you ever felt like you were missing notes (in guitar hero or Clone Hero) that you felt like you should not have been missing, one possible culprit could be the strum bar.

Check your strum bar and see if it is able to rest at an odd angle like this:

If your strum bar looks like the one pictured above, more than likely you will have strumming issues.

Warning: Do this at your own risk! We are not responsible for damage done to your guitars, electrical shock, injury or any other damage. 

Required Materials

  • Screw Driver (If using the World Tour Guitar, you’ll need a small and large size)
  • Scissors (Optional – for the tape)
  • Tape (Optional – If you want to reduce the noise of the strum bar)
  • Grease (Reduce noise and make strumming feel smoother)

Use Grease

While it might be tempting to spray in some WD-40 or other lubricant for a quick fix, the effect will fade quickly. If you want real, lasting results, you need to use some sort of grease.

Step 1 – Remove the Batteries, Neck, and “Unlock”

This should be obvious.

Step 2 – Remove the Face Plate

I have found that the best way to do this without snapping the face plate in half, is to use a flat head screwdriver at this part. Once you feel the face plate “pop” off, you should be able to get it off easily.

Step 3 – Remove the screws

This is the most painful step. (If you are using a World Tour guitar, you will need to remove the “void” sticker.)

Step 4 – Remove these 4 screws

No need to remove all the screws here, just the two circled above. The other two screws hold the pin that the springs rest on, be careful not to loose those springs!

Step 5 – Remove these screws

Four more screws to remove here and you should be able to pull out the strum bar.

Step 6 – Lubricate

You should also lubricate the mount that the strum bar resist in.

Step 7 – (optional) Put tape to reduce the noise!

You can add electrical tape on these positions here, as well as the tabs on the strum bar where it contacts these points if you want to reduce some of the noise. I found that two layers is a good amount and doesn’t reduce the functionality of the strum bar for me.

You could try more if you want to be digressive with the noise, but you risk loosing some reliability and accuracy.

Step 8 – Reassemble!

Have fun.

Give your newly fixed guitar a test run. See if the strum bar is quiet enough for you. Most importantly, see if you are still having any unknown note misses.

See Also

If you have done everything correctly here and still feel like you are having issues, either you suck or there is some other issue with your hardware setup or calibration that is messing with your rhythm.

For me, the strum bar seems to be the biggest problem with the 5 guitar controllers I owned and fixing this issue made everything so much better!

Additional Info for GHTV / GH Live Guitar

For some reason on the GHTV guitar, the battery housing is on the other half shell of the guitar.

Otherwise, the screws and locations for everything are pretty much the same. The GH Live Guitar doesn’t require the face plate to be removed.

One thing to note is that the “clicker” in the GHTV guitar is a lot different from the one in the other guitars. Adding this tape in the GHTV controller probably will do nothing in terms of the clicking noise produced on each strum.

Hopefully this helped

As Clone Hero becomes increasingly popular (especially in the anime community), and as more and more people turn to buying used guitars off eBay, this info may come in handy.

Every used guitars I purchased off eBay required some work on the strum bar to get it feeling accurate and good again. This shouldn’t take more than 15 – 30 minutes to so.

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