How to Find the Korok Mask in Breath of the Wild


The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild DLC doesn’t just hand you all the new items after you purchase the DLC; You have to actually go out and find them. For those who don’t want to wonder around hunting for these items, we created a tutorial for finding the Korok Mask. (It’s like the Shrine finder for Korok Seeds!)


1. Head to Woodland Stable

There’s a book inside the Woodland Stable that will give you an obvious hint to where the Korok Mask is located:

  • The Lost Woods

The last page gives us a “hint” about how to find it. Honestly, I have no idea what that hint is supposed to mean. If you happen to know, please explain it in the comments below!

2. Head to the Lost Woods

Navigate through the lost woods like you normally would. (Look for the flames on the torches, follow the wind.)

When you get to the point where two lit torches stand, pick up the torch and light it. (Not required, but makes it easier!)

Follow the direction of the flame. As soon as you get to a point where the flame changes direction, keep following the original direction!

3. Look Inside the Tree’s Mouth

After a short while traveling straight you should end up around the edge of the island (see above). Check the tree inside and open the treasure chest!

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4. Enjoy the Korok Mask!

Whenever you are near an unclaimed Korok Seed location, your mask will start jiggling.

This mask looks familiar, I wonder what happens when you pry those leaves off their faces…

Note: The mask only has 1 defense point!

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