How to Build Your Raiden Shogun?

Hi, Everyone! Hope your Raiden Ei pulls have been amazing.

So if you got your Raiden Shogun, here’s a comprehensive guide for the Raiden Shogun build. We won’t be referring to her controversy in this article in detail.


Raiden Shogun is the first limited 5-star Electro character in Genshin Impact. This Electro Archon has been generating hype among the fanbase ever since her tease in the 2.0 trailer. Like the currently available Archons, Raiden Shogun will hold the support role in the team.

Raiden Shogun’s kit revolves around supporting her team in Genshin Impact. Her Elemental Skill deals damage every 0.9 seconds, and it buffs the team’s Elemental Burst damage.

As for her Elemental Burst, it’s a damage skill that also contains supportive abilities. With it, Raiden Shogun can regenerate energy for her teammates.

Raiden Shogun Artifacts

Raiden Shogun’s best-in-slot artifact is the 4-Emblem of Severed Fate. It is practically tailored for the Electro Archon. While it is not recommended to use other sets, players can opt for one of these choices:

  • 4pc Thundersoother
  • 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2pc Thundering Fury
  • 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2pc Gladiator’s Finale
  • 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2 pc Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

Noblesse Oblige and Emblem of Severed Fate affect her whole Elemental Burst duration, including her Electro-infused sword, the Musou Isshin.

Best Artifact Main Stat for Raiden Shogun

For her artifact’s main stat, Genshin Impact gamers have to adapt to their weapons of choice. Raiden Shogun’s best-in-slot artifact main stat varies according to her equipment.

If players are using Energy Recharge weapons (Engulfing Lightning, Skyward Spine, or The Catch), then their main stat priority is:

  • Attack/Attack/Critical Rate or Damage
  • Energy Recharge/Attack/Critical Rate or Damage
  • Attack/Electro/Critical Rate or Damage
  • Energy Recharge/Electro/Critical Rate or Damage

On the other hand, if they are using weapons without Energy Recharge sub-stats, then their main stat priority changes to:

  • Energy Recharge/Electro/Critical Rate or Damage
  • Energy Recharge/Attack/Critical Rate or Damage
  • Attack/Attack/Critical Rate or Damage
  • Attack/Electro/Critical Rate or Damage

Best Weapon

For Raiden Shogun’s weapons, those with an Energy Recharge sub-stat perform very well. However, as previously mentioned, Raiden Shogun’s performance is highly reliant on her equipment combination.

See Also

Assuming players are using the correct main stat with the right weapons, then generally, the best weapons for Raiden Shogun are:

  1. Engulfing Lightning
  2. Staff of Homa
  3. Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
  4. Skyward Spine
  5. Vortex Vanquisher
  6. R5 The Catch
  7. Deathmatch
  8. Blackcliff Pole
  9. R1 The Catch
  10. Lithic Spear

Suggested Teams

Raiden Shogun’s supportive kit is handy in any team. However, some characters can significantly benefit from Raiden Shogun.

  • Free to Play Team – You can run her with Xingqiu, Benny boi aka Bennett, and Diona. I have tried this team and this works like a charm. This team will work better if you have C5 Bennett, C6 Diona, and more constellations on Xingqiu.
  • Pay to Play Team 1 – You can run her with Zhongli, Eula, and Kazuha. You can also swap out Kazuha for Sucrose.

We hope this guide can help you in your Genshin Impact endeavors. But tell us what you think. Share this article with your friends and for more content, including others like this, join us on Discord, Facebook, and Twitter!

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