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How Powerful is Eustass “Captain” Kid?

How Powerful is Eustass “Captain” Kid?

Hey, Fam! Today, we discuss the Magneto of One Piece World. The underrated one amidst the top three supernova trio. But the fans love him and he is still very popular too. In the current manga, we see a lot of new attacks from Kid and can theorize about his power.

Kid’s Personality

When Kid was first introduced, his personality stood out and echoed the quintessential pirate. He fights, he robs, and he kills whoever laughs at his dream. He has a rigid personality.

He also seems to be cruel, even when not provoked, crucifying another defeated pirate crew just because he deemed them too weak to roam around in the New World. While Kid is capable of restraining his anger in certain situations, he will absolutely throw all caution to the wind when said situation involves someone who previously wronged him– going straight for revenge.

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Additionally, Kid is bold and fearless, known to run into danger regardless of the consequences. He does not hesitate to challenge the Four Emperors, having previously fought Kaido and Shanks and destroyed two ships belonging to Big Mom. Kid rarely backs down from a battle and may fight a powerful enemy until his last breath.

The fact that he didn’t join the Beasts Pirates, despite not standing a chance against Kaido, is a testament to Kid’s unshakeable disposition. Kid seems to believe that possessing the determination to achieve the impossible is necessary to survive in the New World and that anyone who doesn’t is as good as dead.

Kid’s Devil Fruit Power

Interestingly, his devil fruit name isn’t revealed yet. When ODA does this, there’s always a reason. At first glance, one can easily say that it’s magnetic power. But there’s a pink electric spark that says it has something to do with electricity.

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A Little Bit of Science

Possibly, Kid’s power could be electromagnetism and magnetism is one aspect of the combined phenomenon of electromagnetism.

Electromagnets have the main benefit of manipulating their magnetic pull strength– by turning the magnet on or off and by adjusting the current. They also feature greater pull strength than permanent magnets. Some estimates place the largest electromagnet at 20 times stronger than the strongest permanent magnet. So, this could play a major role when the devil fruit name is revealed.


Spoiler alert, apart from using the regular giant metal hand, in the recent chapter, he used a Metal Susanoo-Punk Rotten which looked like a mega Zod. So, he can crush and throw large objects around.

See Also

There’s one more thing he can do that could be very devastating, even to younkos. My speculation is, if he awakens his devil fruit power, he can control the iron in the blood– in which case he can kill anyone from inside-out. A fitting power for Eustass Kid. Let’s see if that happens.

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Kid’s Haki

He is known to have Conqueror’s Haki and my guess is that he has Armament and Observation. Recent chapters show that he doesn’t have Ryo, the advance armament Haki. But Kid seems like a fast learner. Therefore, we will definitely see him using it in the current fight.

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In conclusion, we are guaranteed to see the power burst from Captain Kid and very soon indeed. Don’t go by his bounty, which is low compared to Law and Luffy. His count will improve very soon after Wano. He challenged more younko than any other supernova and definitely has guts.

What do you think about his powers? Let us know in the comments.

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