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Healer Girl Reveals Cast and Staff

Healer Girl Reveals Cast and Staff

The official website for the original anime Healer Girl has revealed additional cast, staff, ending theme, and first key visual (below). The anime is scheduled to premiere in Spring 2022. Amongst other things unveiled are the story introduction, ending theme song, and ending animation sequence.

Key Visual, sourced from Twitter

Healer Girl is “a bold, new form of musical healing animation” from Studio 3Hz. The group, Healer Girls, is composed of the main cast and is performing the opening theme, “Feel You, Heal You”, and the ending theme, “Believe Like Singing.”


The story is set in a world where three schools of medicine are pervasive: Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and “vocal medicine.”

Sourced from Twitter

The healing of illness and injuries via song is a special technique that not only improves the mental health of patients, but also the mental health of doctors. Such “Healers” strive to sing when called upon to respond to the health and anxiety of patients and doctors alike. The anime depicts the healer girls in training at the Karasuma Vocal Medical Institute.


Ria Karasuma: Ayahi Takagaki (Senki Zesshou Symphogear)
Shouko Nagisa: Hisako Toujou (Animegataris)
Shinobu Honosaka: Miyu Takagi (D4DJ: First Mix)

Art Design: Juu Ishiguchi (Black Fox)
Prop Design: Ryou Akizuki (Princess Principal)
Music: Ryou Takahashi (Argonavis from BanG Dream!)
Lyrics: Youhei Matsui (Ensemble Stars!)
Art Supervision: Junichi Higachi (Studio Easter) (Love Live! Sunshine!! art director)
Art Director: Sou Senoo (Studio Easter) (Shiroi Suna no Aquatope background art)
Color Design: Rie Katou (Dimension W)
Graphic Art: Hirofumi Araki (Guilty Crown motion graphics)
3D Director: Kouhei Ogawa (Marco) (Bokutachi no Remake)
Director of Photography: Yuusaku Murakami (Studio Elle) (22/7)
Editing: Gou Sadamatsu (Re-Main)


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The four main voice actresses will perform a “Healing Theater” stage reading and mini live concert for the anime on March 6 at Tokyo’s Science Hall.

Sourced from Twitter

This original anime will premiere in April. Keep an eye out for this wonderfully musical series!

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