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Halo Infinite Multiplayer is Very Disappointing

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is Very Disappointing

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So, it’s been about a week since the Halo Infinite multiplayer and I’ve clocked in a little over 20 hours in the games, and I gotta say I’m a little disappointed.

It isn’t bad or anything; just okay. This isn’t the big return of Halo multiplayer that some people were hoping that it was or this revitalization of the genre. Overall, the experience was decent at best.

Positives of Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Before jumping into the negative aspects, let me talk about the positive parts first. First, the sound is fantastic. All of the guns, vehicles, punches, grenades, and everything has this really satisfying weight to it. The human weapons have this awesome, guttural sound when they fire, while the Covenant guns come with an awesome sci-fi laser blast.

The music is back to form and has that classic Halo sound we all know and love. Gone are the weird droning and ambient music from Halo 4 and it gets replaced by awesome electric guitars.

The art style is great. The Spartans look like they’re actually wearing armor this time around instead of a skin-tight suit with pieces of armor in certain places. And the graphics are great too; it’s a nice-looking game.

Weird Physics

Now, if you’ve noticed, I’ve only focused on the aesthetic parts of the Halo Infinite multiplayer because if you go past the surface-level stuff, you’ll quickly find out the game is weak. The physics are really weird; everything feels floaty. Vehicles, like the Warthog and Mongoose, flip really easily and feel like they weigh 10 pounds. It’s hard enough to keep the car on the ground.

Granted Halo has always had floaty gameplay, but this time around it feels worse than ever before. It feels like you glide across the map without any meaningful weight to the movement.

Busted Weapons

The weapon balance is also busted. Halo Infinite heavily favors automatic rifles while precision weapons like the sniper rifle and plasma pistol get tossed to the side. Speaking of which, there’s a new EMP grenade that wipes out the other player’s shield and due to its AOE effect, it does this much better than the plasma pistol. Add on top just how terrible Aim Assist is in this game, and the plasma pistol is pretty useless.

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There’s an obvious hierarchy to the weapons that forces you to use the default assault rifle/pistol combo to win. It isn’t worth picking up the ground weapons that litter the map aside from the battle rifle.

Uneven Maps

Speaking of maps, their design is all over the place. A map can be the best and the worst at the same time. Take the map Launch Site for example. When it comes to certain Capture the Flag modes, Launch Site is an amazing map; the best. But when it comes to Slayer or Team Slayer, it’s one of the worst in the game.

It’s such a huge map with branching paths that becomes a nightmare to navigate as you hunt down the other team. And the game generates random game modes and maps together so you never what you’re gonna get.

And there’s the issue with the battle pass, but I’m not going to talk about it, because as it is, 343 Industries said it’s going to work on it. It’s bad now, but it could be great soon.

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