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Halloween Art Contest 2020 Official Announcement

Halloween Art Contest 2020 Official Announcement

It’s been over a year since we hosted our previous Art Contest, now it’s time for a our Halloween 2020 Special Edition Art Contest from UltraMunch!

What’s the Theme?

It’s Halloween!

1. Submission Requirements

You must draw either the AnimeWorld Official Mascot and/or the GamingWorld Official Mascot in a Halloween theme or style!

AnimeWorld Mascot Reference Sheet can be found here.

We do not currently have a reference sheet for this character.

Other Requirements

Your artwork may be in any form including:

  • Digital Art
  • Traditional Art
  • 3D Rendering

A full background is not required, however it will definitely contribute to the overall feeling of “Halloween” if you are able to include some kind of spooky background or setting for these characters.

You may draw only one or both of the characters and you can submit as many entries as you like (though there is limited time until Halloween).

NSFW art will automatically be disqualified!

2. How to Submit Art to the Contest?

In order for your artwork to be qualified for judging of the contest, it must be submitted before Halloween 2020.

Deadline: Halloween 2020 – October 31st, 2020 

We may adjust the deadline if there is significant demand from entrants to push the deadline back.

To submit artwork, simply post the artwork publicly either on Facebook, Twitter, or DeviantArt and use the following hashtags: #UltraMunch #UltraMunchHalloween2020

3. Get Your Art Promoted

If you post to your Facebook art page, you can tag us by using the following: @AnimeWorldio @Ultramunch @GamingWorldClub

Tagging us on Facebook is not required, but it will help notify the page admins who could share your artwork to the page for fans to LIKE and COMMENT on (via Facebook share button).

4. Leave a Comment

At the bottom of this page, there is a Facebook comment section, it is not required, but we strongly recommend that you leave a comment with a URL to your art submission.

5. Contest Prize

Besides getting your artwork featured for all our fans to see, the top art submission shall have a choice to receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card OR a 1 Year Subscription of Discord Nitro.

There will not only be a top #1 winner, but also the top 5 art which will be featured on our social media and honorable mentions.

How Will the Winner be Determined?

As usual, the winners are selected with the help of votes from our panel of judges, as well as other consideration such as LIKES, COMMENTS, and artistic / creative content of the submission.

Good luck everyone!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask in our official Discord channel here.

Update 10/12/2020 – Guest Judges

Announcing the first guest artist to join this contest as a judge and provide feedback for selected entrants. If you want your favorite artist to see your work and provide feedback, then you’ll definitely want to see who we have lined up for this contest!

Guest Judge – Hyanna Natsu


Hyanna was a guest judge in our previous contest and she will be joining us again for this competition!

We are so happy that she will be joining us again for this art contest and we hope you are excited as well.

Guest Judge – Faicha



Faicha will be joining this year as a guest judge.

Faicha has been helping us with various side projects and hope to show you some of the artwork soon!

Guest Judge – BlanchiAme


Ame has been working with me since 2015. Her artwork is excellent and she’s grown over 80,000 fans on Instagram!

She will be joining as a judge this year.

See Also

Stay tuned as we update this announcement with more guest judges!

Update 11/3/2020 – Contest Judging

We received some amazing entries this year. I saw some really creative ideas and I am so happy and grateful to everyone who participated in our contest!

Right before Halloween, I saw a lot of requests to extend the deadline of the contest. We decided to put it to a vote on Facebook and see what people had to say about it.

However, in the end, I decided NOT to extend the deadline, as I didn’t think it would have been fair to the people who rushed towards the end to get their entry in on time.

While I appreciate the enthusiasm from the community to join the contest, a Halloween Art contest that is 2 weeks after Halloween just doesn’t seem right!

Instead, we hope to host another contest very soon with a much longer time period so everyone has plenty of time to join!

As for this year’s Halloween 2020 Art contest, the judging will begin soon and we will announce the results hopefully by the end of this week.

Thank you to everyone who participated and got their entries in on time! 🙂

For those who didn’t get a chance to join, don’t worry, there will be another contest coming soon!

Note: We embedded a few entries above to show a teaser of what we received this year. This does not imply that any of the above entries are the winner of this contest. I just wanted to show a few entries we saw! Don’t worry, as long as you used the proper hashtags, your entry has been counted and is waiting for feedback from the judges!


  1. This contest is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook, Discord, Amazon, UltraMunch Clients, Sponsors, or Affiliates, or any other social media outlets or 3rd parties, including companies or manufacturers of the prize(s).
  2. Prize is valued at $100. Winner may only choose one of the prize options, subject to availability. International shipping fees may be required if prize ships internationally (if applicable to the prize).
  3. This is a fan art contest of an original character design owned by UltraMunch Media. There is no luck or chance involved in this contest. No purchase necessary.
  4. The Winner will be announced via AnimeWorld / GamingWorld official social media channels. If the winner does not respond within one week, a new winner shall be selected.
  5. By joining this contest and submitting art, the entrant and selected winner agrees that the artwork and design they are submitting is completely of their own original design. Any copyright infringement or stolen designs will result in immediate disqualification. The entrant is responsible for their own artwork design standards.
  6. UltraMunch Media, AnimeWorld, GamingWorld, and its employees, owners, sponsors, affiliates, and staff shall not be held liable if the winning design is found to infringe upon copyrights or IP, or otherwise not genuinely of the entrant’s or Winner’s own original design.
  7. By joining this contest and submitting art, the entrant and selected winner agrees that any and all artwork and designs they have submitted to the contest may be reposed or hosted on UltraMunch / AnimeWorld / GamingWorld properties and websites without any further consideration, compensation, or consent. The copyright and ownership of the artwork still belongs to the original artist and they may host it on their social media platforms, create or sell limited prints, or otherwise utilize the submitted artwork on their portfolio. The artwork submitted shall be considered “fan art” and fall under appropriate fan art considerations as UltraMunch / AnimeWorld / GamingWorld are the IP holders of the mascots.
  8. Entry must be submitted before October 31st, 2020 (PST) any entry submitted after that date, it will be at the sole discretion of the contest judges / host if they want to accept the entry or not.
  9. Entrants and Winner can freely post their submitted artwork anywhere on social media or for their personal portfolio usage.
  10. We maintain the right to disqualify any entries that are found to be inappropriate, infringing, blatantly not following the design prompt, or otherwise found not eligible for the contest.
  11. The final decision for the Winner shall be chosen at the sole discretion of the contest judges / contest host.
  12. Winner assumes all responsibilities for prize including supplying the proper shipping address (or email address if GiftCard option is selected) and any customs or import duty taxes / fees that may be incurred. UltraMunch Media (and its owners and affiliates) are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, injury, loss of health, money, or any damages arising from the gift, products, or prize(s) or any damage during shipping or transit of the prize(s).
  13. Terms subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited.

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