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Genshin Impact Yummy Barbecue Event

Genshin Impact Yummy Barbecue Event

Farming Primogems is an essential task in Genshin Impact. Aside from completing quests, opening treasure chests, and other miscellaneous jobs in-game, players can also obtain Primogems from web events.

A recent web event called Yummy! Barbecue Under the Stars can provide a grand total of 120 Primogems once completed. All players need to do is grill fish and obtain friendship points for the rewards.

This article will show the fastest way Genshin Impact players can get 120 Primogems in the Yummy Barbecue event.

How to obtain 120 Primogems in Genshin Impact Yummy Barbecue event fast

Genshin Impact‘s Yummy Barbecue event requires three types of items to grill fish: fish, firewood, and seasoning jar. However, the method that will be shown later only needs fish and firewood.

1) Start grilling and select a fish

One fish will be added to the fish basket every six hours, and the basket can only store a maximum of four fish. Click on the basket to collect the fish and then add it to your inventory. To obtain the firewood, you need to log into Genshin Impact to complete the task and claim four firewood from the web event.

2) Let the fish grill until it’s burnt

After selecting the fish, leave it on the grill until it is burnt with a hole. The fish need not be seasoned or flipped for this step. Once the fish is completely burnt, you can pick the fish from the option “The grilled fish is ready. As a result, you will obtain a ‘Grilled Fish That Broke Through the Dimensions.'” This burnt dish will give 100 Friendship Levels.

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3) Repeat the process seven times

Repeat the same steps above seven more times. This method will allow you to quickly gain 800 Friendship Levels, provided you have a sufficient number of fish and firewood.

Once you have 800 Friendship Levels, go to the Event Rewards page to claim the Primogems. Although the rewards stop at 800, you can still obtain more Friendship Levels by serving other grilled fish to Shiki Taishou until the event ends.

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