“Genshin Impact” Xiao Banner Release Date & V1.3 Event Leaks

Genshin Impact is a few days away from releasing the Xiao banner. The officials have announced the event information for V1.3 but there is still some mystery surrounding the 4-star characters in the banner.

Genshin Impact is doing an amazing job of minimizing the leaks surrounding the Xiao banner but the hype and curiosity rampant in the community only encourage more leaks.

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Banner Availability – Where and When

The Xiao banner will be available on February 3, 2021, for PC, Mobile, and PS4 players worldwide. The V1.3 update patch will feature the Xiao and Keqing banners.

There has not been any confirmation on which 4-star characters will be a part of the banner. The 4-star healer, Barbara, may make her appearance in the banner, as she has been part of the banner only once in the past. Including a healer in the banner makes sense for an HP draining character like Xiao.

Genshin Impact will likely reveal the 4-star characters before the banner’s release on February 3rd. This might also solve the dilemma of having two 5- star character banners (Keqing and Xiao) in a single update.

V1.3 Events

Genshin Impact V1.3 events are listed as follows:

  • The Xiao banner will be available along with Xiao’s story quest and several events.
  • Lantern Rite Festival- The event will reward players with name cards, the crown of insight, and dust of azoth
  • Theater Mechanicus/Tower Defense (LEAKED)- Players will have to defeat towers of different elements to get rewards. This event can be done in co-op mode.
  • Five Flushes of Fortune- In this event, players can swap photos to collect all the five colors and earn primogems, mystic enhancement ore, hero’s wit, and mora.
  • Stand By Me- In this event, players will get a chance to chose one of the six Liyue based 4-star characters upon completing certain tasks.

New Boss Enemies

The Genshin Impact 1.3 patch will also introduce two new probable boss enemies named Ancient Geovishap and Primo Geovishap.


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