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“Genshin Impact” – KFC Collab Canceled!

“Genshin Impact” – KFC Collab Canceled!

The Genshin Impact – KFC Collab in China tempted a lot of fans to head to the closest KFC in their town and get the new skins of the game but at the end of the day, they returned home, disappointed and empty-handed.

Even before its official announcement, there were some huge leaks around a collaboration between Genshin Impact and KFC this month in China. Last night, many Genshin Impact fans in China stood in crowded lines to eventually purchase their Genshin Impact-themed meals and get some in-game skins and cosmetics.

However, the event didn’t end well as the local police decided to cancel the Genshin Impact – KFC collaboration due to the concerns over COVID-19 spreading.

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Huge Super-Spreader Lines

Last night, Chinese Redditors started posting unbelievable images from lines in front of the KFC branches in different cities of the country after the beginning of the Genshin Impact event.

The overwhelming turnout of fans for such an event was truly unexpected for KFC. If they knew how many crowded lines were going to appear in front of the stores, they would have probably considered some safety guidelines for the customers.

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Future Guidelines for Safety…?

It’s yet to be seen how the event will continue in the near future but KFC managers will probably need to reach an agreement with the police department to ensure the safety of customers and lower the danger of COVID-19 spread.

The police officers mostly intervened in Shanghai and Hangzhou but more stores might consider canceling the event if people continue to form crowded lines in front of KFC restaurants.

What are your thoughts and ideas about this matter? Let us know!

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