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“Genshin Impact” Fans Are Unhappy! Here’s Why

“Genshin Impact” Fans Are Unhappy! Here’s Why

Genshin Impact has finally started giving away rewards from the grand prize of 1 billion Primogems of the “Wish Upon a Lantern”. MihoYo expected fans to be full of joy after receiving the rewards but the actual scenario was quite the exact opposite.

What Happened?

Although MihoYo did not mention anything about splitting the prize equally in the first place, after the 1 billion Primogems were distributed unevenly among the participants, players started bashing the publisher for the unfair event on Twitter.

Mi ART] Genshin Impact : Step into a Vast Magical World for Adventure! - Gaming - Mi Community - Xiaomi

Genshin Impact fans are clearly unhappy with the uneven distribution of 1 billion Primogems.

The web event, “Wish Upon a Lantern”, was held for a week, starting from 19th February to 25th February. After the participation period was over, management took 20 hours to finalize the rewards and identify the eligible winners.


During the 20 hours, the Genshin Impact community built up tremendous hype for the free Primogems. Players possessing all five kinds of Xiao Lanterns were given a certain number of Primogems from the Grand Prize.

Everything seemed fine until players happily started sharing the obtained rewards on social media. In a matter of seconds, they all got to know that everyone has not been rewarded with the same amount of Primogems.

This was when outrage started spreading like wildfire across Genshin Impact Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook communities. Players who got fewer Primogems believe that they could have gotten more if Genshin Impact had split the same evenly.

See Also

The following are some of the trolls and disappointed tweets from the Genshin Impact community.

Mi ART] Genshin Impact : Step into a Vast Magical World for Adventure! - Gaming - Mi Community - Xiaomi

Someone got 1k primogems from the event and i didn’t even get enough primogems for a single pull …— rin! rin! (@hutao_bff) February 26, 2021

Mind you, Genshin Impact never stated that they would distribute the 1 billion primos equally among the participants. However, the community is not ready to digest the way it was unevenly split. Lack of clarification from MihoYo and players’ misunderstanding are primarily what led to this issue.

Let us know your thoughts on the same. 

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