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“Genshin Impact”: All About Sea Ganoderma and Where to Find Them!

“Genshin Impact”: All About Sea Ganoderma and Where to Find Them!

Sea Ganoderma is a new ascension material in Genshin Impact, which could have a serious clue about the following update.

With the 1.6 update, Genshin Impact released a replacement limited area together with a brand new character. The new area is a group of islands called Golden Apple Archipelago and is analogous to other areas having plenty of puzzles, chests, and resources.

The Sea Ganoderma is an ocean-growing plant species currently only located within the Golden Apple Archipelago. Here’s a way to find the item, and what its uses are.

What is a Sea Ganoderma?

The Sea Ganoderma is a blue fungus-like plant that’s currently only available within the Golden Apple Archipelago. It’s usually found on the coast, growing out of the sand in shallow waters on every major island across the archipelago. There are usually around two or three in one cluster.

Like any other regional specialty, Sea Ganoderma also takes two days to respawn after being collected. There are a total of 57 Sea Ganodermas within the Golden Apple Archipelago. Players need completion of 168 Sea Ganodermas to ascend Kazuha to the highest level. Continue along in the article for a detailed location of all the Sea Ganoderma in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

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Location #1: Twinning Isle

Location #2: Broken Isle

Location #3: Pudding Isle

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Location #4: Minacious Isle

What’s the Use for Sea Ganoderma?

Currently, only Kazuha uses Sea Ganoderma as his ascension material. Within the Chinese live-stream event of version 1.5, Yae mentioned her gifting Ganyu two baskets of Sea Ganoderma.

Considering that it represents eternity, Sea Ganoderma is imagined to be one of the ascension materials of the Electro Archon. The Electro Archon, also referred to as Raiden Shogun or Baal, aims to attain eternity by getting her hands on all the visions.

As the Golden Apple Archipelago is going to be a limited time area, the Sea Ganodermas will be the same. This hints towards the release of the upcoming Electro nation Inazuma. 

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