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GamingWorld 2019 Mascot Contest Winner Announcement Post

GamingWorld 2019 Mascot Contest Winner Announcement Post

After so much debate internally and among our fans, we have finally decided the winner!

We did in fact receive a lot of great criticism and opinions from the fans, some of which gave us some new ideas for the mascot.

The Winner

It was a very close match up between these two, both from well respected artists!

Left from Nitako, Right from Neara-chii

One thing that both  of these entries shared in common was that instead of picking one color or the other (blue vs. pink) the artists ingeniously decided to combine both color combinations and gave a really unique design!

Ultimately Nitako’s entry was selected as the winner!

She is very cute! Long braid gives her some charm. I like how dark blue is combined with glowing parts and pink. colors are very harmonious. – BlanchiAme

The symmetry of the character design, the simplicity of the emblem, and the introduction of white as a major key color helped make this design stand out to us and probably to the community who voted for it!

Nitako’s mascot stands out by the several well presented elements that complement each other. I love the neon on her stockings and vest, as well as the flowers on her jacket! The power button sign on her top and the headset are nice touches in link with the gaming world. The matching blue and pink throughout her outfit makes the design super harmonious too! The braids and bow also add a lovely touch to this gorgeous mascot that I absolutely love! – Aliam Vitam

The winner has been notified and the prize has been sent out!

Shout out to our guest judges, BlanchiAme and Aliam Vitam!

Of course, congratulations to our winner, finalists, and everyone who entered this contest from the AnimeArtistsUnite Facebook group!

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Be sure to support Nitako!

Moving Forward

The next steps for this design will be:

1. Come up with a name for her! 

2. Redraw her in poses which could be used for social media banners / profile pictures 

3. Make any final modifications or adjustments per GamingWorld’s input 

Pretty soon you should start to see this new mascot on the GamingWorld official social media channels and used in upcoming web content wherever appropriate.

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