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GamingWorld 2019 Contest Finalists (VOTE NOW!)

GamingWorld 2019 Contest Finalists (VOTE NOW!)

We have finally judged all 30+ entries and narrowed it down to the top 10.

See the entries below. Note, these are not placed in any particular order:

KouHai Illust

Artist: Kouhai

Comments from judges:

Kouhai’s design gives off such a badass and playful vibe, with the utility pants and the gloves. I love the little details like the Gaming World strap or the details on her top! The accessories add even more to the style. The red and violet present at different spots on the outfit make the mascot design very harmonious and pleasant to look at! – Aliam Vitam


Artist: Naera-Chii

Comments from judges:

I like the combination of dark tones with bright blue and pink! The symbols from the joystick buttons on her jacket look very nice. I also like her stockings with hearts and headphones! – BlanchiAme

The gradient with both colors for her braided hair works very nicely. The neon highlights on her stockings, headphones and top look amazing too! – Aliam Vitam

Nelkah Kaylina

Artist: Nelkah Kaylina

Comments from judges:

It is difficult to choose between these two designs. I like both hairstyles, but the one on the right more because of the color and style. While the outfit on the left I like more. – Blanchi Ame

Kitsune Windsor

Artist: Jamie De Jonge

Comments from judges:

I love how the vibrant and bright colors contrast with the darker colors on the outfit of Kitsune Windsor’s mascot. The platform shoes and the multicolored accessories give a unique, playful vibe! I really like how you incorporated the letters “GW” on her outfit, as well as the cat ears! The blue matches her shoes, stockings and dress, making this a design that is well-presented and super lovely! – Aliam Vitam


Artist: Nitako

Comments from judges:

She is very cute! Long braid gives her some charm. I like how dark blue is combined with glowing parts and pink. colors are very harmonious. – BlanchiAme

Nitako’s mascot stands out by the several well presented elements that complement each other. I love the neon on her stockings and vest, as well as the flowers on her jacket! The power button sign on her top and the headset are nice touches in link with the gaming world. – Aliam Vitam

Dylan Cade

Artist: Dylan Cade

Comments from judges:

I like her! She looks very cool and confident. I like her pink hair, and one glove looks great. Wonderful design! – BlanchiAme


Artist: LunaFleurr

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Comments from judges:

First off… the shoes with the “Game Over” written on them are such a good idea! I absolutely love the neon checkered pattern on her stockings too. The small details like the dice collar, the video game controller buttons on her pockets, and the pixel heart add a very nice touch. – Aliam Vitam


Artist: ManouAzumi

Comments from the judges:

I like her hairstyle, and those two antennas, it looks unique! Also, the design of headphones and jackets is just wonderful. The color palette is quite calm, which is well suited for a gamer girl. – BlanchiAme

That’s It!

For those that were not selected, do not feel sad! There will be plenty more contests coming in the future.

All the submissions had a chance to be reviewed by some of our professional guest judges.

Special Thanks to the Judges

We had two guest judges for this contest, BlanchiAme and AliamVitam.

We also had some input from the unnamed moderators and admins of our facebook pages!

How to Vote?

Join the Facebook group AnimeArtistsUnite!

In the group, we will be hosting a poll facing off two randomly selected art pieces.

Be on the look out for the polls which will get posted on various days throughout the week!

Who is your Favorite?

Post in the comments below which is your favorite entry!

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