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Full Trailer for “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway” Released

Full Trailer for “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway” Released

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In 2020, the world-famous Gundam series was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. Production for Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway (Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senkō no Hathaway) slowed down. The anime film was originally meant to open in theaters on July 23, 2020, but it will now premiere on May 7, 2021.

What Does the Trailer Contain?

The official YouTube channel for the Gundam franchise has posted the first full trailer for the upcoming anime film titled Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senkō no Hathaway (Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash or alternately, Mobile Suit Gundam: Flash’s Hathaway). The full trailer is in Japanese with English subtitles.

This upcoming film is set to continue the story of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series that was first introduced in the 1970s, albeit with a modern makeover and a protagonist who is distinctively different from previous Gundam protagonists. Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of the Gundam series, wrote the Hathaway novels from 1989 to 1990. The novel series is set in the year UC0105 and centers around Hathaway Noa. Hathaway Noa is the protagonist of this movie and serves as the successor to Amuro and Char from the first Gundam.

The trailer reveals more cast, stating that Sōma Saitō will be Lane Aim’s voice actor. Lane is the young Earth Federation pilot of the mobile suit Penelope. The trailer also revealed that the anime film will screen in Dolby and 4D cinema with a May 7th opening date.

Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway (Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senkō no Hathaway), expected to play in 214 theaters, will set a record for the series. The trailer also unveils what will be the mobile suit of the Anti-Earth Federation Organisation known as the Messer F01.

Production Team in Place

  • Shukou Murase (Ergo Proxy, Gangsta., Witch Hunter Robin) will direct this anime film
  • Yasuyuki Mutou (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096Deadman Wonderland) is in charge of the script
  • Pablo UchidaNaoyuki Onda, and Shigeki Kuhara are adapting Haruhiko Mikimoto‘s original character designs for animation
  • Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on TitanMobile Suit Gundam Narrative, Mobile Suit Gundam UC) is composing the music

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