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For the First Time Ever, This Happened in a “Dragon Ball” Game!

For the First Time Ever, This Happened in a “Dragon Ball” Game!

Everything has a first time. This kind of took a long time for the Dragon Ball franchise to put into a game. Last week, Dragon Ball Legends released a new banner which is kind of sad.

Considering how frequently they’ve been fleshing out new characters, it seems like they are going a bit too far with all of these releases. But that’s a talk for another day.

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The talk of the town is now the newly released Legends Limited Future Gohan! Why? you ask!

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Well, because, he is featured the same as in the anime- for the first time ever- in a 3D Dragon Ball game. He is missing an arm and that’s how fans wanted him in a Dragon Ball game for a few years.

However, his kit is a questionable thing since he has endurance in the game which, unquestionably, raises a few eyebrows. But, hey! As long-time DB fans, we are happy to see our OG Future Gohan featured as he should be in the game!

What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments.

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