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Fist of the North Star Musical Unveils Cast

Fist of the North Star Musical Unveils Cast

Fist of the North Star, the classic tale of the legendary martial artist, Kenshiro, is getting a musical soon.

The official Twitter account for the Fist of the North Star stage musical adaptation of Buronson and Tetsuo Hara‘s Fist of the North Star manga has revealed some cast members.


It revealed cast visuals of Raoh, the eldest of the four Hokuto brothers and the protagonist Kenshiro’s strongest enemy, as well as Yuria, Kenshiro’s fiancée.

Dancer and actor Yūsuke Ōnuki (The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED‘s Daisuke Kanbe) stars as Kenshirō.

Shuntarō Miyao as Raoh, sourced from Twitter

Both Raoh and Yuria will be played by a double cast.

Shōichi Fukui as Raoh, sourced from Twitter

Shōichi Fukui and Shuntarō Miyao are both cast as Raoh.

Ayaka Hirahara as Yuria, sourced from Twitter

Singer-songwriter Ayaka Hirahara and anisong singer May’n are cast as Yuria.

May’n as Yuria, sourced from Twitter

The previously announced cast includes:

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  • Kazuki Katō and Ryūnosuke Onoda (double cast) as Toki
  • Tatsuya Kawaguchi as Ryūken
  • Takuya Uehara and Kandai Ueda (double cast) as Shin
  • Kanata Irei and Rio Uehara alternating as Rei and Juuza
  • Yuri Shirahane as Tou, Toyo
  • Rinko Matsubara as Mamiya
  • Ao Watanabe as Bat
  • Rena Yamazaki and Hana Kondō (double cast) as Lin


The announced staff list includes:

  • Music: Frank Wildhorn
  • Director: Sachiko Ishimaru
  • Script and Lyrics: Ako Takahashi
  • Choreography: Zhao Ming
  • Cooperation: COAMIX
  • Organized by: Horipro / Hakuhodo DY Media Partners / Ranspace
  • Planning and production: Horipro

The stage musical is a co-production among HoriProHakuhodo DY Media Partners, and Shanghai-based theatre performance company Ranspace, in collaboration with Coamix. 

The production will hold its world premiere at Tokyo’s Nissay Theatre in December, before other regions of Japan next January, and will travel on tour to China. Tickets will go on sale this fall so check the musical’s official website for updates.

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