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“Final Fantasy VII Intergrade” Trailer Drops, Along With New Info

“Final Fantasy VII Intergrade” Trailer Drops, Along With New Info

A new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade dropped on May 7 and, along with it, a slew of information about the game. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the long-awaited remake of the beloved and legendary original game with Intergrade being an enhanced version for the PlayStation 5.

Intergrade was announced back in February during Sony’s PlayStation State of Play and is set to come to the PS5 on June 10.

Boosting the Original

Intergrade comes with enhancements on the original like improved textures and lighting, faster load times, and new features like Photo Mode where players can take in-game screenshots, Performance Mode which runs the game at 60 FPS, and Graphics Mode which plays the game in 4K. Fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake are familiar with the rougher parts of the game as graphical textures and load times are the weakest aspects of the game.

Good news for people who purchased Remake on the PS4; players will be able to upgrade and move their save data over to the PS5 version absolutely free of charge, but you do have to pay for the DLC. However, this can only be done if you have the digital version of the PS4 game and not the physical copy.

The Great Ninja, Yuffie

The new trailer titled “Final Trailer” reveals more about the game’s DLC which stars the fan-favorite Yuffie as the main character.

The trailer reveals new gameplay elements like the Fort Condor tower defense mini-game and a boss with the lascivious Scarlett fighting in a giant robot. We also get to see the classic Final Fantasy summon Ramuh to make an appearance casting Judgment Bolt.

Furthermore, the trailer shows off a fight with the mysterious Nero the Sable, a character that most people won’t be familiar with. Nero is actually from the Final Fantasy VII spin-off, Dirge of Cerberus, a title that’s not very good in my opinion, but seeing a reference to a character from a game that’s 15 years old is pretty cool.

Best Time to Be a Fan

In that same trailer, Square Enix confirmed Intergrade will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for six months before moving on to other platforms. This may sound like a first but Sony has been given first dibs on Final Fantasy VII Remake so this is a continuation of that deal.

See Also

The Yuffie DLC is exclusive to the PlayStation 5, so PS4 players and those unlucky in finding a PS5 will be left wanting. But don’t worry.

This isn’t the only new Final Fantasy VII game as The First Soldier and Ever Crisis will take place in that universe but on mobile. For those unaware, First Soldier is a battle royale game set in Midgar, 30 years before the beginning of the first game, and Ever Crisis is a single-player title where gamers will get to experience the entirety of the Final Fantasy VII timeline. It’s a great time to be a Final Fantasy fan.

Are you going to buy Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade?

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