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Fans MELT DOWN Over Genshin Impact Anniversary

Fans MELT DOWN Over Genshin Impact Anniversary

As reported last week, the Genshin Impact Anniversary Event has been met with huge backlash as fans are not happy with developer miHoYo’s celebration rewards. In fact, fans have continued to meltdown towards the developer’s lackluster rewards.

Players had high expectations for the incredibly successful game as they expected miHoYo to return some of the love it has been given.

Lackluster Anniversary

Originally, miHoYo planned on just doing a few events and giving out some Primogems, which are the game’s premium currency that players use to roll for new characters. Most of the rewards were locked behind raffles and contests, frustrating fans. But what really angered the fans was when they found out that winners would only get a tiny number of Primogems.

Winners would only get 40 Primogems and the cost of a single roll is 160 gems. And even if you do have enough for one roll, the chances of getting a character are low. Fans were furious at the level of stinginess by miHoYo, especially when the game has been a rousing success.

Ranting and Complaining

For the past week or so, Genshin Impact communities have been bombarded with complaints and rants. However, gamers found their posts have been deleted or heavily censored, and some have accused miHoYo of blocking people to escape the bad press.

The silencing has gotten so insane that one user on Twitter shows that they have been banned by a moderator on Hoyolabs, the game’s official forums, for over 20 years. That user claims they were banned because they posted an image of a troll face.

Review Bomb

The censorship only added gasoline to the fire, turning it into an inferno. Players responded by review bombing Genshin Impact on the Google Play Store. At the time of this writing, the game has a 3-star rating, but there are screenshots of the rating going as low as 2.1.

Fan outrage has gotten so severe that they have taken to complain about the anniversary rewards in the review sections of unrelated games apps. Some of the games affected include miHoYo’s other title Honkai Impact, Arknights, Clash of Clans, Fate/Grand Order, and Epic Seven. Complaints have even been found on Google Classrooms.


The Genshin Impact community is developing a reputation for harassing people and other communities for reasons completely unrelated to them. For example, the Chinese voice actress for the character Kokomi canceled a live stream midway through because of angry fans harassing her over her character’s weak gameplay.

People have criticized the game’s community (rightfully so) for their harassing behavior. The English voice actress for Kokomi tweeted how unacceptable it is to harass people because of the studio’s decisions.


miHoYo heard the complaints of the community and responded by adding more rewards. In addition to the current events, the developer is giving four more anniversary rewards with the first one currently being rolled out.

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The reward is 400 Primogems (good for two rolls) and a new glider, the Wings of Shimmering Galaxies. The glider was originally meant to be part of a $30 bundle for an anniversary concert but was changed to quell the masses.

In addition to the four rewards, players get log-in bonuses for a week during the anniversary celebration and it comes with 10 free rolls.

What do you think of all this?

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