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Everything You Want to Know About Fishing in Genshin Impact!

Everything You Want to Know About Fishing in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact 2.1 update has brought the long-awaited fishing system to the game. There are some great rewards associated with fishing, and it is a fun way for players to spend time as they explore the world of Teyvat.

There are fishing opportunities scattered across the game world, and fans will want to start fishing as soon as possible to start building their skills.

Precursor to Fishing

The first thing that any prospective fisherman needs to do in Genshin Impact is talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt in order to begin the introductory fishing quest.

Once this is activated, players will need to head to the northern side of Mondstadt to speak with a man named Nantuck. After speaking with him, players will unlock the fishing mechanic and get an opportunity to fish with some low-level fishing materials.

Genshin Impact fishing spots

Fishing Instructions

The first step to fishing in Genshin Impact is locating one of the fishing spots in the game world. Players can simply approach and interact with them to begin fishing. Players can use the Teyvat interactive map to find most of these fishing spots or manually mark them on the in-game map.

Here are some edited images to help you guys out.

Fishing location in Inazuma

Fishing location in Inazuma

Fishing location in Inazuma

Fishing location in Inazuma

Fishing location in Liyue

Fishing location in Dragonspine

Once a spot has been located, players will need to select the right kind of bait to catch the fish they desire. Different types of fish prefer specific kinds of bait, so adjusting to the desired catch is important.

After the bait has been selected, players will need to hold down the attack button to cast their line out to the fish. They’ll need to wait for the bait to take effect for a fish to bite. Reeling in the fish is a matter of holding down the attack button to keep the Tension Meter within the yellow Tension Zone.

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Players will need to continually adjust the meter to make sure that they are reeling in the fish. Once enough time has passed, the fish will be caught.

What Can Fish Get You?

Genshin Impact players can do multiple things with their fish. One of the biggest rewards of fishing is turning the fish into each region’s fishing association in exchange for amazing items like new bait and fishing rods. This is also the only way to get the powerful 4-star Polearm, The Catch, along with its refinement materials.


The Serenitea Pot also has a new feature that involves the fishing system, where players can raise their favorite Ornamental Fish. Ornamental Fish are unique variants of fish that can be found in fishing spots. These fish can be raised in the Pool of Sapphire Grace and can even be displayed to friends.

Are you planning to go fishing any time soon?

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