Anime Expo 2018

Visit us at booth #4131

Figures, Posters, and More!

We’re going to have a host of items for sale at our AX 2018 booth including: Evangelion Figures, Yandere Simulator Posters, and more!

Come visit us at our booth to take a picture with the Admin, view our merch, and hang out with the crew!

Image from AnimeExpo 2016

Our Sponsors

These people have helped make our booth possible this year!

One Piece One Million Fans (Community)

Yandere Simulator


Waifu for Laifu

Weapons Grade Waifus
Booth 4226/4326


What to Expect at our Booth?

Rare Collectibles

You might find some interesting and unique collectibles, from Evangelion figures to posters and wall scrolls, you might find some one of a kind items at our booth. Come take a look at our collection of interesting anime merch!

Exclusive Merch

We also have a few exclusive items that you won’t find anywhere else! We support indie game developers and unique projects. Our artists have developed some amazing poster artwork for these projects that embody the full scale of the idea. Come see the exclusive items we have from some of your favorite games!

Meet the Team

Say hello to the admins, just chill with us and have a good time. We promise we won’t bite!

Our Friends at Artist Alley

Visit our friends at Artist Alley this year!

Christian Angel (Artist)
Artist Alley – G20

Collateral Damage Studio (Art Studio)
Artist Alley – C16 / C17

Ayasal (Artist)
Artist Alley – G38

Tips for having a fun time at Anime Expo

Step 1: Bring Lots of Money

Step 2: Spend it all at our booth!

See you this year at AnimeExpo! 😀