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Evangelion in 5 Minutes, Mega64 is Back!

Evangelion in 5 Minutes, Mega64 is Back!

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When the YouTube notification popped up for Mega64‘s Evangelion in 5 minutes video, I knew we would be in for a treat!

Neon Genesis Evangelion In 5 Minutes (LIVE ACTION) (Sweded)

This video contains many of the elements that made Mega64 so great in the first place!

The Return of Mega64

I seemed like the algorithms or something was keeping Mega64’s videos from being in the spotlight.

They were still churning out content this whole time, but nothing really seemed to be a hit.

The original Mega64 videos that garnered millions of views were based on taking video games into real life.

The guys would dress up in cheaply made costumes, that only true gaming fans would recognize, and went out in public to humiliate and embarrass themselves for our pleasure.

These videos were part of the golden age of YouTube where groups with skits or video ideas dominated the popular channels instead individual influencers who sit in front  of a web cam and spouting off daily “top 10 lists.”

Where did Mega64 Go?

Perhaps the boom of social media and everyone having a camera in their pocket made public annoyance videos less and less effective.

Maybe they ran out of iconic games to cover and people just weren’t “getting it” anymore? I’m not a YouTube historian, but I can say that the views definitely were lower for some time.

Whatever the case, it seems like a new golden era of Mega64 is finally coming!

The 2020 Mega64 Renaissance

Perhaps the 2020 Covid lockdown helped Mega64 come up with these sorts of video ideas that didn’t rely on public reactions or perhaps they took the lesson from the success of their “The Frieza Saga in 5 Minutes (Dragonball Z Live Action) (Sweded)” which got nearly 10 million views as of the time of writing this article!

It’s obvious that there is something about condensing anime content into 5 minute “sweded” videos that catches YouTube’s algorithm and the attention of fans.

The Evangelion in 5 minutes video garnered nearly 250K views in the first few days!

There is no shortage of anime content and I believe Mega64 is definitely on the path towards more and more success if they can keep this up.

What is “Sweded” ?

The term “sweded” refers to a process of recreating a film on an ultra low budget as seen on UrbanDictionary.

Mega64’s use of cardboard cutouts and figurines takes us back to a simpler time on YouTube when creators were using toys and their parents cameras to make innovative and creative content.

Ironically, these days, building props and elaborate sets from cardboard seems more expensive and time-consuming than simply using computer generated effects! This adds a unique touch to their videos that other channels can’t really replicate.

Combined with the great personalities of Rocco and the team, there is really a great chance for future success with Mega64’s channel!

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Keep up the Great Work

I think these 5 minutes “sweded” videos bring out the best of Mega64’s chemistry.

It has the parody aspect, the ridiculousness, the props, the humor paired with traditional special effects which I think the guys always are in love with.

These really do feel like a “Mega64” style video and work very will with the current YouTube algorithm, in my opinion.

I really hope to see more content like this from Mega64 and it warms my heart to see the guys back in the spotlight making creative films and doing what they love!

The crew of Mega64 is very charming and have a great sense of humor. It’s great to see their creativity flourish and watch them put together great content.

Keep up the great work guys!

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