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Elfen Lied’s Studio Arms Declares Bankruptcy

Elfen Lied’s Studio Arms Declares Bankruptcy

Arms Corporation, Ltd. Simply known as Arms was created in 1996, the studio has produced anime under the Arms name as well as various other names. Finally in August 2017 the studio officially changed name from Arms to Common Sense while maintaining the Arms label as a trade name.

Common Sense, Ltd. Also known as Arms has been declared bankrupt. A report by Credit research company Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR) stated that Studio Arms has declared bankruptcy through the Tokyo district court.

Source- Elfen lied

The Company Files for Bankruptcy

After a board meeting on May 31st, the company decided to file for bankruptcy and on July 22nd the company initiated procedures for special liquidation….. a course of action decided from the previous meeting.

In the early days of Studio Arms, it specialized in creating adult anime content (Hentai) as it was founded as a subsidiary of Studio Pierott plus. After producing its last Hentai in 2005, Studio Arms turned its focus to anime with heavy Eechi contents to appeal to its adult audience as there was a decline in Hentai sales.

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Studio Arms initially focused on adult anime collaborations with other platforms such as Pink Pineapple and Green Bunny while also working on outsourced animation works from Studio Pierott.

With the growing popularity of Television anime series, Studio Arms eventually ventured into the new market in 2004 with Yasuomi Umetsu’s Mezzo however the Studio is best known for its anime adaptation of Okamoto’s manga series – Elfen Lied.

Other popular works of the studio are : Queen’s Blade , Aesthetica of a Rouge Hero and the Ikki Tousen series. The more recent works of the studio (from 2015) are : Valkyrie Drive : Mermaid, Queen’s Blade : Grimoire and the most recent entry in the Ikki Tousen franchise, the 2019 Ikki Tousen : Western wolves.

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Source- Ikki tousen

Following financial problems, Studio Common Sense started accepting subcontract animation works from other studios in 2017.

An overview of their financial report showed that the Studio enjoyed major success in 2009 with the fiscal year ending with sales around 390 million yen, but by the fiscal year ending June 2011 fortunes had changed as the company made a net loss of 260 million yen.

Studio Arms is not the first Hentai/Eechi studio to fold up as Production IMX and Xebec have already bid their farewell. We are saddened by the bankruptcy of Studio Arms and hope more can be done to save Japanese animation studios.

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