Server Eggs

Discover how Eggs work on our Discord Server!

Common Eggs


Boost the server using Discord Nitro. Grants the user the ability to change their nickname in the server.


Be annoying or poopie in the #general discussion or just ask for it. Can not be removed once obtained unless using NITREGG or POGEGG


Be an anime artist. Post a link to your DeviantArt or art portfolio and have the ability to post media files in the #artist channel.


Play Call of Duty and join us for fun times on live Twitch streams.

Seasonal Eggs

How to obtain?
Just be active in the #general discussion during the holiday seasons.




Rare Eggs


Become abducted into a secret server channel for fun games, shenanigans, or a giveaway? It’s impossible to predict when this egg will come out and it’s always temporary.


Be Senpog’s favorite member for a day. SENPEGG is only given to 1 user on the Discord server at a time! Do something epic to earn this eggy.


Become a server supporter by buying POGEGG! Allows the user to post media in the #general chat and provides other perks seen here.

Special Eggs


Users get this EGG automatically on their birthday. Users can set their birthday in the #birthday channel using bot commands. [bday set <<mm/dd/yy/>>]


This is a punishment EGG. You don’t want it. Users who are bad, spamming, or rude, will get JAILEGG which is a one way ticket to server jail!

How many eggs have you collected?