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Do Japanese Girls Want to Date Foreigners?

Do Japanese Girls Want to Date Foreigners?

The dating world, regardless of where you live, in Japan or elsewhere, is a complicated and fickle one. From mixed signals to miscommunication, conversation blunders, and awkward silences – no wonder some people avoid it like a plague!

Add in language barriers and severe culture shock, and let’s all just throw our hands up in the air and call it a day. For some people, though, this is seen as quite exciting.

A Survey of Japanese Women

Many men who move to Japan do it for the culture, beauty, stunning four seasons, buzzing cities, and, of course (if they’re lucky), the ladies. However, the question on everyone’s tongue is: do Japanese girls want to date foreigners?

In a homogeneous society like Japan, the thought of dating outsiders might not sound like a popular idea at first. Kai from Tokyo Dealer, a YouTube channel, took to the streets of Shibuya in Japan to hold casual interviews with a few Japanese women to try to get a gauge on their opinion about dating foreigners.

What Do the Women Think?

The consensus? Fairly (almost overwhelmingly) positive!

Almost 85% of the women interviewed replied yes when asked if they’d like to date a foreigner, some without any hesitation! However, upon digging further into their interests and reasoning behind their answers, it seemed that Japanese women had a fairly specific idea about what they meant by ‘foreigner’ – so hold off on packing the suitcases, for now, gentlemen.

When asked what it is that they’re looking for in a foreign man, being ‘tall’ and ‘thin’ were a few of the most popular answers. As opposed to western standards, where having a bulky body is considered attractive, Japanese people tend to prefer slender bodies. Sprinkled into the mix of answers were personality traits including having big hearts, being kind, being decision-makers, being gentle, and being caring. Looks-wise, having blue eyes was considered attractive to some, along with having fair skin.

When interviewing a half-Japanese, half-Chinese woman who had dated both Japanese and foreign men, her answer was a resounding, “Yes! I prefer foreigners”. When asked why, she replied that in her experience, Japanese men were too shy so it didn’t work out and the relationship only lasted 1-2 weeks!

For the women who answered which foreigners they preferred, it was a mixed bag of answers. Unsurprisingly, though, Koreans came out in first place as the most preferred foreigner nationality of all the women interviewed. This is quite possibly because they are the closest in geography to Japan and are one of the most similar in terms of physical characteristics.

For those who said they were not interested in foreigners, the reasons were fairly cohesive. They were just more attracted to soft facial features (a common conception when comparing east-Asian faces with western faces), and felt that dating someone who was also Japanese would make it easier to communicate and have a comfortable relationship.

When asked why they’d prefer foreigners over Japanese men, as mentioned earlier, Japanese men tend to be a bit shyer than many women prefer, and many don’t have romantic traits. The more straightforward women answered that certain Japanese mannerisms and characteristics were not favorable, for example, men thinking they had to stay back at work when really, there is no need.

An interesting answer from one woman was that they were keen on the experience of dating a foreigner, but would eventually want to settle for a Japanese person. Whilst open relationships and casual flings are accepted in western society, it’s not something you would expect in a society like Japan. This could be an indication that social standards are slowly changing for the better!

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If you’re looking for date ideas to take Japanese women on, take note: take them to try food from your own country! For one of the girls, at least, this seemed like an exciting prospect. It would make for a great conversation starter as well, we’d imagine.

A few girls actually answered yes to skinship as well (skinship is a form of touching). Japanese society had traditionally tended to shy away from public displays of affection, but it appears the women of this generation want to change that. Many replied that hugging is okay, placing a hand on the hip is ok, and holding hands is definitely a must. However, kissing in public is still a bit embarrassing!

There you have it, guys!

Do you meet any or all of the above characteristics? If so, then you could literally be someone’s dreamboat!

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